The Challenge spoilers: USA 2’s latest eliminations reveal potential game trend

tj lavin in promo video for the challenge usa season 1
TJ Lavin appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: USA Season 1. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

As the game goes on in Croatia, The Challenge spoilers are showing what could be a trend as far as the eliminations go for the second season of The Challenge: USA.

The spinoff show will feature a cast that brings in stars who got their start on Amazing Race, Big Brother, or Survivor.

However, this USA season also features several stars who got their start on MTV and have experience in The Challenge.

Several champions are part of the game, as well as veterans with an understanding of how to control the game so they can reach the final.

With that, there have been nine eliminations so far, and they seem to show where the strategy is early in the game.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge: USA 2 season.

The Challenge: USA 2’s latest eliminations revealed

On Thursday, @mtvchallengeinsider revealed the latest elimination from The Challenge: USA 2 in an Instagram spoilers post.

Based on the reveal, two-time Big Brother houseguest Tyler Crispen has exited the game earlier than his supporters would have liked to see.

Tyler appeared in the BB 20 and BB 22 seasons. Monsters and Critics previously reported spoilers indicating Tyler was part of a showmance with another BB star during The Challenge: USA 2 filming.

Before Tyler, another BB star was recently ousted from the game. Tiffany Mitchell appeared in the first season of The Challenge: USA and is out yet again ahead of the final.

Amazing Race’s Dusty Harris, another rookie for The Challenge, is also out. Overall, that brings the count to nine eliminations.

Which MTV stars have been eliminated from USA 2 so far?

So far, just two original MTV stars have been eliminated from The Challenge: USA 2 season. Monsters and Critics recently reported about the early elimination results in the game.

Two-time All Stars champion Jonna Mannion (The Real World: Cancun) is one of those eliminations. Based on spoiler results, she was ousted by Ride or Dies champion Tori Deal.

Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? 3) was sent home in another elimination, although the matchup has yet to be revealed. Johnny Bananas also went into elimination, taking on his rival Paulie Calafiore and sending him home early.

Overall, the trend shows that some of the Big Brother stars, along with a few other newcomers, are being targeted. In addition to Paulie, Tiffany, and Tyler, other BB stars who are out of the game include Alyssa Lopez and Ameerah Jones.

Along with those individuals, Amazing Race star Luis Colon is also out. That makes the count two MTV stars, two Amazing Race stars, and five from Big Brother.

Most likely, another alliance of MTV stars has formed, with Tori and Bananas possibly at the helm alongside castmates like Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, and Cory Wharton.

However, there are also Survivor players in the game, including Michele Fitzgerald and Michaela Bradshaw, both of who have been in at least a season of The Challenge and understand the gameplay.

At the very least, it shows the trend of ousting rookies from the game early, with a few other Challengers thrown in that have shown their ability to play the game behind the scenes.

With the unique way the game is set up in terms of USA 2 teams, along with how the voting and eliminations work, it could’ve provided the framework for savvy Challengers to operate strong alliances.

The Challenge: USA 2 premiere date is TBA for CBS and/or Paramount Plus. The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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