The Challenge: USA Season 2 spoilers reveal early elimination matchups and events

tj lavin during a promo video for the challenge usa
The Challenge: USA host TJ Lavin appears in a promotional video. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: USA Season 2, viewers will get treated to a unique installment of the spinoff show based on MTV’s reality competition series.

While the first season only featured competitors from CBS shows Big Brother, Amazing Race, Love Island, and Survivor, the second season will also feature MTV stars from The Challenge.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about the currently-filming USA Season 2 cast, which has several former champions of The Challenge and Challengers who got their start in CBS reality TV.

As with all seasons of the popular reality show, competitors are thrust into daily challenges and face the potential of going into elimination, where they must battle to remain in the game.

A recent batch of spoilers has revealed how the first several eliminations unfolded for the spinoff show, including the specific events and who competed in them.

This report will feature spoilers from the upcoming second season of The Challenge: USA.

The Challenge USA 2’s early elimination matchups and events revealed

Some major names from The Challenge battled it out in the first few eliminations featured during the upcoming USA 2 season. Based on @GamerVev spoilers from Twitter, also revealed by @mtvchallengeinsider on Instagram (below), several champions were involved in these early events.

One of the early eliminations saw Survivor winner and The Challenge star Michele Fitzgerald send newcomer Ameerah Jones home. Their elimination event was a newer one that involved water and strategy.

Based on GamerVev’s details, Michele could stay on her USA 2 team or go to one of the other two. Michele opted to stay with the Red Team.

Another elimination saw recent Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal against two-time All Stars winner Jonna Mannion. The two were also castmates on The Challenge: World Championship.

For their USA 2 elimination event, Tori was in yet another Balls In and defeated the two-time All Stars champ. Tori is rumored to have remained on the Blue Team after her win.

In another elimination, it was Johnny Bananas versus his War of the Worlds 2 nemesis, Paulie Calafiore. They are rumored to have battled in an event similar to the one they were in for Final Reckoning.

Bananas was partnered with Tony Raines for that against Paulie and partner Natalie Negrotti. Bananas and Natalie had a battle involving physical endurance, while their teammates had to eat a lot of cookies and drink milk.

That elimination is featured in a YouTube video as the No. 6 in Best of The Challenge Eliminations. Bananas and Paulie did something similar to the endurance portion for their USA 2 elimination.

Paulie and Natalie won on Final Reckoning. However, on USA 2, Bananas was able to send Paulie home early into his return season for The Challenge.

The Challenge: USA 2 features teams and unique elimination voting

As previously mentioned, the second season of The Challenge: USA features teams, each consisting of eight individuals. Two individuals on each team got their start on an MTV reality TV program, such as Real World or Are You The One? The remaining six team members first appeared on CBS reality TV shows Big Brother, Amazing Race, or Survivor.

Monsters and Critics also reported the spoilers for The Challenge: USA 2 voting format regarding how it works to determine eliminations. The team that wins the daily challenge gets to nominate one man and one woman for potential elimination.

The other two losing teams’ members get to anonymously vote for who they want to send into elimination. They can vote for a man or a woman out of all the losing players.

All of the votes go into a lottery or raffle system, with host TJ Lavin randomly drawing one person’s name. That sets up the elimination for that episode.

Based on the other details, a twist allows elimination winners to stay on their current team or move to another one, similar to what viewers saw during the latter half of Spies, Lies & Allies on MTV with the teams named after jewels.

More spoilers will arrive as the show keeps filming in Croatia, and eventually, a winner or winners get crowned as champions of USA 2.

The Challenge: USA Season 2 is TBA for CBS and/or Paramount Plus. The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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