The Challenge spoilers: Season 38 winners revealed as filming ends for upcoming MTV show

tj lavin host of mtv the challenge series
TJ Lavin will host the upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Many reality competition fans are anxiously awaiting the next installment of MTV’s popular series, The Challenge. Based on online spoilers, Season 38 has finished filming.

Online details showed which cast members were participating in the filming of the season in Argentina, with familiar face TJ Lavin back as the show’s host.

The rumored cast includes former winners, finalists, and some rookies competing to win the season and some life-changing money for their bank accounts.

Those spoilers also allowed fans interested in elimination outcomes to see which teams were getting sent home from the game and who survived to TJ Lavin’s final.

Now, The Challenge Season 38 winners have been revealed, with fans able to see which team won and which teams finished as runner-ups.

This report will include The Challenge Season 38 spoilers with the names of the winning competitors and the second-place team.

Season 38 cast includes returning stars, former champs

Fans watched Season 37 of MTV’s competition show, called The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, which ended in January and had two main winners. Those winners, Kaycee Clark and CT Tamburello, won $1 million in prize money.

It was CT’s fifth win on MTV’s show and Kaycee’s first. They also chose to divvy out $200,000 of their winnings to the four other runner-ups in the final: Tori Deal and Kyle Christie, as well as Devin Walker and his teammate, Emy Alupei.

Other finalists included Nelson Thomas and Nany Gonzalez, who lost surprise elimination matchups on Day 2 of the final.

Regarding returning competitors, nearly all of the finalists returned for Season 38. The exceptions are CT, Emy, and Kyle, based on online cast spoilers.

Kaycee is one of several returning one-time champs on Season 38, along with Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra, War of the Worlds winner Turbo Turabi, and Free Agents winner Laurel Stucky.

Meanwhile, multi-time champs include seven-time winner Johnny Bananas, four-time winner Darrell Taylor, and three-time winners Jordan Wiseley and Veronica Portillo.

Season 38 also features an exciting group of rookies. They will participate in a Ride or Die theme, where it’s a man and woman paired up who are husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, family members, or friends.

Who won The Challenge Season 38?

Based on online spoilers, the finalists for Season 38 included Johnny Bananas with Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal with Devin Walker, Jordan Wiseley with Aneesa Ferreira, and a rookie team featuring Love Island’s Olivia Kayser and friend Horacio Gutierrez.

The format of the final was unknown, including how many days or legs it consisted of and whether there was any in-final purge or eliminations. However, the winners and runner-ups are known.

Spoilers for Season The Challenge 38 winners began to hit various fan accounts on social media on Monday after the details arrived via Twitter’s @GamerVev and the Vevmo forum.

Fans can swipe on the IG post below to see the photos of the winners for The Challenge Season 38.

Runner-up team and unknown Season 38 details

Another fan account shared images of the two competitors that finished in second place for The Challenge Season 38.

Swipe the IG post below to see which team finished as runner-ups to the season’s winners.

With Bananas and Nany finishing second, it’s currently unknown how the other two teams finished TJ’s final.

As of this report, there have been no official details regarding what sort of prize money was available for the finalists or if there were any twists for the winning team about splitting the money with each other or their castmates.

It’s also unknown when The Challenge Season 38 episodes will arrive on MTV, as they have yet to provide any official show details. However, speculation is that they should arrive before the end of 2022 now that the filming is over and episodes will be edited.

Check out more of the cast members and spoilers via the Vevmo forum thread.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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