The Challenge spoilers: Latest All Stars 3 cast eliminations may reveal potential finalists

finalists assembled for the challenge all stars final
Competitors appear at The Challenge: All Stars final for the first season of the spinoff. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3 release date has yet to be revealed, as the second season’s premiere episode just arrived this past week.

However, it appears the conclusion to the third season of the spinoff could be extremely close, as spoilers revealed more of the elimination results.

The recent Challenge spoilers also suggest that TJ Lavin’s final is happening now or very soon. Here are more details for who has gone home and how and who may be competing in that final.

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Final All Stars 3 eliminations, latest injury updates

Spoilers have been circulating ever since a cast assembled for The Challenge: All Stars 3 and went to film in Panama. Once they’d arrived at their destination, it was only a matter of time before elimination results, and other details began to hit the internet.

Some heavy-hitters have been eliminated from the cast since All Stars 3 features many former finalists and champions competing for the spinoff show’s big prize money.

However, based on the online spoilers, it’s now down to just a select group of men’s and women’s competitors (below).

The last two eliminations appear to be three-time champion Jordan Wiseley from Real World: Portland and two-time winner Roni Martin from Road Rules: Northern Trail.

Based on the details above, Jordan and Roni’s elimination matchups have yet to be revealed. It could also be possible Roni and Jordan were eliminated in a purge ahead of or at the final.

Meanwhile, some previous elimination matchups also appear above as Jordan sent Darrell Taylor home, and Syrus Yarbrough defeated Tyler Duckworth.

An elimination involving Tina Barta against Melinda Collins never happened due to Melinda quitting after suffering an injury.

Monsters & Critics recently reported spoilers about Tina Barta’s potential injury. Based on the newest spoilers, Tina’s arm injury happened the same day that Jemmye Carroll left due to a family emergency.

Who is competing in The Challenge: All Stars 3 final?

With Jordan and Roni eliminated, it leaves 10 cast members for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Based on their Challenge accomplishments, there’s a solid chance a multiple-time champion is going to win.

The remaining men for All Stars 3 include The Godfather himself, Mark Long, as well as Wes Bergmann, Derrick Kosinski, Brad Fiorenza, and Nehemiah Clark.

Of those competitors, Derrick has won the most times on The Challenge with three seasons. Wes and Mark each have two winning Challenge seasons, while Nehemiah and Brad each have one.

The remaining women for All Stars 3 include Kailah Casillas, Nia Moore, KellyAnne Judd, Jonna Mannion, and Veronica Portillo. Of those competitors, Veronica is a three-time Challenge winner.

KellyAnne, Kailah, Nia, and Jonna have reached a final, with Jonna and KellyAnne appearing in the first All Stars season’s final. They also finished in a tie for first-place amongst the women. However, the season format featured just one winner, Yes Duffy, who achieved the highest score of all competitors.

As mentioned, it’s unknown if the All Stars 3 final is even underway, but with just 10 competitors remaining, it seems likely. The first season of the spinoff featured 12 finalists, with one pair eliminated in a purge situation for coming in last during the first leg of TJ’s final.

The All Stars 1 and All Stars 2 finals were for $500,000 in prize money, with the All Stars 3 prize money unknown.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premiere date is TBA.

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