The Challenge alum Nia Moore reminisces about former castmate Diem Brown with powerful message

the challenge alum nia moore on battle of the exes ii season
Nia Moore during her appearance on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II. Pic credit: Paramount+

The late Diem Brown is a cast member that many fans and castmates will remember for all she brought to MTV’s The Challenge.

Her passing hit many people hard due to the fact she touched so many lives. During her time on the show, she built friendships with many castmates and had an off-and-on relationship with Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Now, upon reaching the same age at which Diem passed, former Challenge cast member Nia Moore shared a heartfelt message with fans regarding her late castmate and life.

Nia Moore shares emotional message about Diem Brown

This past week, Nia Brown shared an important message online that many people often need to be reminded about, and that is not to take your life for granted.

She also reminisced about how Diem Brown was a much different person from herself regarding how she lived her life. That brings up another message: to live and act in the way you most want to be remembered by others.

The former Real World: Portland star posted several messages to her official Twitter account, including the one below that a Challenge fan account shared on Instagram.

“I think about my girl Diem Brown. How she wanted children. How she treated her body so well & walked through life with a purity that can’t be faked. I didn’t have the same regard. But I’m here & she isn’t. I’ve struggled with that for years & now I’m around the age she died,” Nia said in her message.

In a follow-up tweet, Nia suggested that “life is crazy,” but also “beautiful and sacred,” so people should cherish the life they have because they only have one to live.

nia moore of the challenge reminisces about diem brown and life
Pic credit: @TheRealNiaMoore/Twitter

Nia was Diem’s Challenge castmate on her final season

While Diem appeared on eight seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, starting with Fresh Meat, it wasn’t until the Battle of the Exes II season that Nia Moore was her castmate.

That would become Diem’s final appearance on the show, and the airing of that season was an emotional one. It also featured the last appearance of another cast member who passed away, former Real World: New Orleans star Ryan Knight.

During that Exes II season of The Challenge, Diem became severely ill after the daily challenge in Episode 2. She ended up getting medically disqualified, which also meant her teammate, ex-boyfriend CT, was sent home due to having no partner.

Nia was also disqualified, but hers came just before the final due to verbally and physically assaulting her former Real World castmate Jordan Wiseley. That left her ex Leroy Garrett without a teammate for the final, but Theresa Jones came in as a replacement.

Diem had initially revealed to castmates during her debut season, Fresh Meat, that she had ovarian cancer. After participating in eight seasons, she passed away in November 2014 after her multiple battles with cancer. 

It’s now been over six years since Diem’s final season aired on MTV, and it seems Nia has been able to reflect and possibly grow quite a bit since then. Nia and Jordan have since settled their differences, as they hung out together in the past year and even sparked relationship rumors.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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