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The Challenge alum Nia Moore shares photo of Jordan Wiseley kiss, calls out ‘wild’ fan comments

nia moore on the challenge battle of the exes ii
Nia Moore last appeared on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II season in 2014 Pic credit: Paramount+

Who says stars can’t get past their tough reality TV feuds and enjoy one another’s company? Former The Real World and The Challenge castmates Nia Moore and Jordan Wiseley recently did that, with several social media posts surfacing of their get-together.

In the social media posts, they’re clearly enjoying themselves together, and seem to be past any former beef that might have existed. However, the photo and video that Nia shared seem to be driving many fans wild wondering about them possibly dating.

The Challenge/The Real World alum reacted to the fan comments she was getting on her original post with a follow-up and then decided to “ruffle some more feathers.”

Nia involved in past The Real World and The Challenge drama

For those MTV reality TV fans who followed Jordan Wiseley on his path to The Challenge, they probably know he started on The Real World: Portland series before winding up on the competition show. Among his castmates were Averey Tressler, Johnny Reilly, and Nia Moore, who moved in as a replacement for another cast member.

She became known as “Hurricane” Nia during her time on The Real World as she figured into numerous storylines involving drama with castmates. That included the infamous altercation with dating roommates Averey and Johnny and her arguments with Jordan.

She debuted on The Challenge Free Agents in 2014 but only made it to Episode 3, where Cara Maria Sorbello eliminated her. Nia would return for The Battle of the Exes II season a year later, where she was teamed up with ex Leroy Garrett.

That’s when “Hurricane” Nia came into effect again, as she was disqualified in Episode 11 just before the final elimination was to take place. The reason for her being asked to leave was due to verbal and physical abuse towards her castmate, Jordan Wiseley.

That Battle of the Exes II incident is likely the reason she was never asked to return to another Challenge.

Nia shares photo of herself with Jordan Wiseley

It’s now seven years since that Challenge drama went down, but it appears that Jordan and Nia are on good terms. In a recent video that Jordan shared, he spoke to Jordan Pellegrino about his relationship with Tori Deal and reality TV history. At one point, Jordan said he’d be open to a reunion for The Real World, which would possibly include Nia.

It seems he and Nia got the reunion started early, on their own.

Nia posted a photo on her Twitter with a heart emoji and “for life!” in the tweet.

The photo (below) shows Jordan with his arm around a smiling Nia, kissing her cheek.

Nia shared the same photo of herself with her former castmate on her Instagram story. However, she gave a bit more of a comment on that social media share.

“Through the best and worst of times. The love remains real ❤️ so proud of us @jordan_wiseley,” Nia wrote across the photo on her IG Story.

the challenge nia moore posts to ig story with jordan wiseley
Pic credit: @therealniamoore/Instagram Story

Nia calls out fan comments, shares clip to ‘ruffle some more feathers’

Apparently, many fans started going crazy upon seeing Nia’s photo with Jordan, and that prompted some questions about a potential hookup or the two dating. It eventually brought Nia to tweet again, calling out the fans for their comments.

“Y’all wild in my comments rn. The moment you learn to embrace forgiveness, self-accountability and personal growth…life gets really good. Some of y’all should realllly try it,” Nia tweeted.

the challenge and real world nia moore tweets after jordan wiseley photo
Pic credit: @TheRealNiaMoore/Twitter

In an effort to “ruffle some more feathers,” Nia took to Twitter once again, this time sharing a short video clip in which she had Jordan show the back of his hair.

“Aight bet lemme ruffle some more feathers real quick. Yall funny af tho lol,” the former Challenge cast member tweeted.

Based on the photos, video, and Nia’s tweet reaction, it appears she and Jordan are just on a friendly level. They may have had their issues in the past, but they appear to be beyond those now and are able to enjoy each other’s company years later.

While dating is always a possibility, there’s been no confirmation from either of them that this is anything more than mutual appreciation for each other as friends.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for MTV on 2021.

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