The Challenge spoilers: CBS spinoff show has two more eliminations in Argentina

the challenge cbs spoilers for eliminations
The Challenge eliminations are taking place for the CBS spinoff show in Argentina. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers for the upcoming CBS spinoff series have shown fans which of the cast members are going home from the show, officially making them unable to qualify for the War of the Worlds tournament.

The cast consists of CBS reality TV stars from Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island. There have been some recent surprises, as several prominent stars were sent home.

Spoilers will follow in this report for the two most recent eliminations for The Challenge CBS, which look to be a few more fan favorites.

Latest of The Challenge CBS eliminations revealed

Every few days, there is one men’s and one women’s elimination happening in Argentina, the filming location for The Challenge CBS spinoff.

Those elimination results are arriving online via @mtvchallengeinsider on Instagram and through a Vevmo forum thread. As of this writing, 10 cast members had been sent home via eliminations.

Two more eliminations occurred within the past day, featuring a prominent Big Brother and Love Island star. Swipe the Instagram post below to see the latest eliminations, and read on for more details.

According to @mtvchallengeinsider, the latest eliminations are Derek Xiao from Big Brother 23 and Shannon St. Clair from Love Island Season 3. It’s unknown which events they competed in or who eliminated these reality TV stars.

Those details may arrive in the coming weeks ahead of the CBS spinoff show’s premiere. That’s expected to happen sometime this summer, with the premiere date to be announced.

Big Brother eliminations have been a headline

It’s unknown what sort of alliances have formed amongst the various CBS cast members, but one thing seems clear. Stars from Big Brother 23 are getting eliminated often.

In a previous spoilers report, Season 23 winner Xavier Prather got eliminated. Xavier was also one of several competitors on the spinoff who was a part of BB 23’s Cookout alliance. As of this writing, all but one of those Cookout members are eliminated, with Kyland Young the only one still left.

According to the Vevmo forum thread, cast members eliminated from the spinoff include Love Island’s Javonny Vega, Cinco Holland, Cely Vazquez, Cashel Barnett, and Survivor’s Tasha Fox and Shantel Smith.

The remaining competitors include Alyssa Lopez (Big Brother 23), Cashay Proudfoot (Love Island 3), Cayla Lee (Amazing Race 33), Domenick Abbate (Survivor 36), Enzo Palumbo (Big Brother 12), and Leo Temory (Amazing Race 23).

It’s believed that one finalist or a group of finalists will be left standing at the end of The Challenge CBS spinoff. Those finalists will move on to the two-part global tournament, The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

That series will also feature finalists from The Challenge: UK, The Challenge: Argentina, and The Challenge: Australia, with the overall winner named the first-ever Challenge World Champion.

The Challenge CBS is TBA for Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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