The Challenge CBS spoilers: Surprising early elimination arrives during spinoff show

the challenge logo during war of the worlds season
The Challenge CBS spinoff show is filming in Argentina featuring CBS reality TV stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge CBS spoilers continue to arrive online as competitors battle to become finalists on the show and potentially gain a spot in The Challenge: War of the Worlds tournament.

Daily challenges and eliminations have occurred, with cast members from Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor, and Love Island amongst those competing.

The latest elimination spoilers may surprise some fans, as it’s a rather big star from one of the shows. Read on to find out the latest spoilers for the spinoff series.

The Challenge CBS spoilers reveal eliminated star

With MTV’s The Challenge and Paramount+ The Challenge: All Stars spinoff, eliminations happen in almost every episode. That helps whittle down the number of competitors and eventually determine who goes to the final.

That same is true for The Challenge CBS spinoff, which is currently filming in Argentina. As of this writing, seven cast members have been eliminated, so they no longer have a shot at making it to the two-part global tournament, The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

The latest elimination is a bit of a shocker, as the Vevmo forum thread and @GamerVev on Twitter revealed that Big Brother star Xavier Prather has been sent home from the spinoff.

gamervev tweets about the challenge cbs elimination
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Xavier appeared in Big Brother 23 and won the season, as he was a member of the Cookout Alliance. In a previous report, Monsters and Critics discussed elimination spoilers where one of his BB23 castmates had been sent home.

That seems to indicate that an alliance may have formed to try to rid the show of specific players, possibly targeting those involved in BB23’s Cookout alliance.

Who else was eliminated from The Challenge CBS?

As of this report, seven cast members for The Challenge CBS spinoff are eliminated, with Xavier listed as the most recent elimination.

Ahead of his elimination Love Island stars Javonny Vega and Cashel Barnett got sent home. James Wallington from the Amazing Race was also eliminated.

For the women, there have been three eliminations so far. The first one revealed online was Love Island’s Cely Vazquez, followed by Xavier’s BB23 castmate Tiffany Mitchell. Several days ago, Survivor’s Tasha Fox was revealed as an elimination.

Now that Xavier’s elimination is revealed online, another women’s elimination will likely arrive in the next round of spoilers.

As far as remaining players, there are quite a few, including Survivor’s Desi Williams and Ben Driebergen, Big Brother’s Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez, and Love Island’s Cashay Proudfoot and Kyra Green.

Check out the Vevmo forum thread for the latest cast list and eliminations.

The Challenge CBS is TBA for Paramount+ and/or CBS. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount+.

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