The Challenge Season 38 spoilers reveal cast member’s injury, hookups, and details about final

tj lavin hosting the challenge
TJ Lavin will return as host of MTV’s The Challenge for Season 38. Pic credit: Paramount+

With The Challenge Season 38 filming officially wrapped, more details are arriving about what went down during the season, including several cast members’ hookups with other castmates.

The upcoming MTV season will bring back former finalists and champions, with viewers able to see some of their favorites competing to win it all.

There are also rookies from Love Island, Big Brother, and other shows, and even some cast members with no reality TV experience.

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Spoilers hit the internet several days ago regarding who won the season and who finished as the runner-up team. Now more details about the final have come in, including the length of the event and a twist.

In addition, there are details about at least one cast member suffering an injury while filming for The Challenge Season 38.

This report contains spoilers for the upcoming season of MTV’s competition series, The Challenge, with episodes expected to arrive later this year.

Several castmates involved in hookups

During The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, viewers saw several showmances and hookups, with Fessy Shafaat and Nelson Thomas, two guys who had a few hookups with castmates.

Fessy had his showmance with Amanda Garcia and an unaired hookup situation with rookie Bettina Buchanan. Nelson was involved early in the season with vet Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell and then had a showmance with rookie Berna Canbeldek.

Based on the online spoilers and rumors, both Fessy and Nelson will be back at it, with each of them having at least one hookup or showmance during Season 38.

Amanda & Fessy… AGAIN? | The Challenge Aftermath

According to a tweet from @GamerVev (screenshot below), Fessy hooked up with rookie castmate Colleen Schneider from The Mole Germany. Nelson is rumored to have hooked up with rookie castmate Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA.

On Twitter, GamerVev initially indicated that Fessy may have also hooked up with vet Laurel Stucky. However, an Instagram comment later clarified they did not hook up and are “just close friends.”

the challenge season 38 spoiler from mtvchallengeinsider on ig
Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

Details about final and cast member’s tough injury

Another part of @GamerVev’s tweet revealed that TJ Lavin’s final for The Challenge Season 38 was a five-day event. Based on the details in the tweet, it will all come down to a puzzle to decide who wins.

Monsters and Critics recently reported about who won The Challenge Season 38, as well as the runner-up team.

In additional spoilers and rumors from Season 38, rookie Olivia Kaiser suffered a tough injury, where she was hit in the face with a golf ball and needs surgery for the damage. Right now, it’s unknown if that resulted in a medical disqualification or how the injury occurred.

gamervev shares challenge season 38 spoilers
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

One other tweet arrived from @GamerVev about The Challenge Season 38 final. Once again, there will be a twist for the winning team, where they’ll decide whether to take all of the prize money or share some with other finalists.

gamervev tweets the challenge season 38
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Viewers saw the twist first arrive at the end of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Chris “CT” Tamburello and Kaycee Clark won the final, getting $1 million in prize money. Host TJ Lavin gave them the decision to keep all that money or share any amount they chose with the other finalists.

As a result, CT and Kaycee chose to give the other four finalists $50,000 each. That gave Devin Walker, Tori Deal, Kyle Christie, and Emy Alupei some prize money for their efforts in the final.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

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