Love Island USA’s Olivia Kaiser and Florita Diaz reunite on TikTok

Olivia and Florita have reunited after Love Island USA
Olivia and Florita have reunited after Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Love Island USA winners Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy broke up, there were a lot of rumors.

While Korey took the high road and said how great Olivia was and that it just didn’t work out, Olivia spilled all the tea.

Olivia admitted that she wasn’t happy that Korey announced their breakup before he talked to her about it.

When a fan asked what to do if a guy cheats on them, Olivia had an interesting answer.

“If you know, first, I guess, tell her,” Olivia answered. “If she doesn’t believe you then that’s on her. I think people are ready to learn things like that when they are ready. This is a long topic. More than this video. We’ll talk later.”

In an interview with Smoredate, she finally admitted that Korey had sexual relations with Florita Diaz.

That made some fans wonder if Olivia and Florita were on bad terms.

That question has been answered.

Olivia and Florita reunite on TikTok

Olivia and Florita were both recently in Florida at the same time and they spent some time with each other.

They even posted a TikTok video of them dancing.

Olivia was in the foreground singing along to Thinking with My D**k (feat. Juicy J) by Kevin Gates. While she sang and drank a beer, Florita was in the background dancing along to it.

Olivia captioned the video with “if ya know you know” and tagged Florita.

Even if it wasn’t a slam to Korey Gandy, it sure felt like one.

Korey Gandy has moved on as well

Korey Gandy did a recent Q&A with fans on Instagram and he had to tell them over and over that he and Olivia were broken up and would not be getting back together.

Korey said that he already explained his side of the story last year and that was all he had to say, outside of the fact he didn’t talk to Olivia anymore and they wouldn’t be getting back together.

In the aforementioned Smoredate interview, Olivia said the cheating was a misunderstanding.

She said she had put Korey in the friendzone, so he moved on. However, she didn’t want him to move on because she was still trying to figure out how much she liked him.

Korey wasn’t willing to wait around and moved on to Florita for a small fling, although that was over as soon as it started.

Love Island USA is moving to Peacock this summer. See how you can get Peacock for free here.

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