Love Island USA: Olivia Kaiser talks what happened in Atlantic City with Charlie

Korey and Olivia on Love Island USA
Oliva and Korey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans were shocked when Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy broke up after the Atlantic City trip.

The news was slow in coming out, with Korey revealing they broke up, which shocked Olivia. In a recent interview, she said she wasn’t expecting him to make it public yet.

However, Olivia also spilled all the tea in that interview and even touched on what happened in Atlantic City.

Olivia Kaiser on the Love Island USA Atlantic City trip

In an interview with Smoredate, Olivia Kaiser finally revealed what happened with her and Korey Gandy.

When Olivia and Korey left Love Island USA, it was Korey who wanted to move full-speed ahead with their relationship and Olivia pumped the brakes on that.

Olivia said she put Korey in the “friend zone” but she did want to work on their relationship. However, due to the misunderstanding, and thinking she only wanted to be friends, Korey ended up in a sexual relationship with another woman.

It took Olivia a while, but she finally admitted that it was Florita Diaz.

However, she said that she doesn’t consider it cheating since Korey thought they were not together anymore.

Olivia then said that she learned all this on the Atlantic City trip.

It was Trina Njoroge and Charlie Lynch who took Olivia aside to tell her about Korey and Florita in Miami.

However, that wasn’t all that happened.

What happened between Olivia and Charlie in Atlantic City?

In the interview, the host asked Olivia if Charlie tried to kiss her in Atlantic City.

This was a fan question and Olivia was not wanting to answer. However, they got around this in a fun way. Olivia was drinking wine during the interview and she was asked to take a drink if Charlie tried to kiss her in Atlantic City.

Olivia took a drink.

Olivia was then asked if she would consider dating Charlie Lynch and she said he was a good guy and was nice, but she was already in love with someone else.

This took the interviewer a little by surprise and he pressed Olivia on who she was in love with now.

Olivia responded that she was still in love with Korey and all that happened made her realize this.

It sounds like the entire situation might have made Olivia and Korey stronger and that they are trying to explore a relationship once again.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can re-live the third season now on Paramount+ streaming.

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