Love Island USA’s Olivia Kaiser reveals which other dating show she would try

Korey and Olivia on Love Island USA
Oliva and Korey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Olivia Kaiser was one of the winners of Love Island USA Season 3 with Korey Gandy.

It wasn’t smooth sailing for Olivia, who struggled to find someone to couple with before finally coupling with Korey and winning it all.

In a recent interview with Smoredate, Olivia talked about her experience on the reality dating show.

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Olivia on her experience on Love Island USA

Olivia Kaiser didn’t seem to feel she was fit for a reality dating show once she left the villa.

Kaiser said in the interview that it was really hard dating in front of the world, and she always considered herself a strong person and it even affected her mental wellbeing.

A lot of fans have been asking if Olivia would be willing to go on a reality dating show like Too Hot To Handle and she straight-up said no.

Olivia ended up coupled with Korey Gandy at the end of Love Island USA Season 3 and the two ended up winning all the money.

When they left, Korey wanted to move full speed ahead in their new relationship, but Olivia pulled back and said she wasn’t ready for that yet.

Olivia said this resulted in Korey hooking up with Florita Diaz in Miami due to miscommunication between them.

Olivia said she wanted them to hold back, but she said she ended up putting him in the friendzone and he thought she wasn’t interested.

Olivia said in the interview this was not the case, and it sounds like she wants to make things work with Korey again, meaning she is not likely headed back to a reality dating show again in the future.

Olivia would appear on a show like Love is Blind

However, Olivia Kaiser did say that if she was single and looking, she would love to be on a show like Love is Blind.

Airing on Netflix, Love is Blind has people start to talk to each other without ever seeing the other person. Finally, they decide if they want to connect or not and have to make their decision before seeing each other.

Olivia said she loves this idea because relationships should not be about quick hookups and people should work on getting to know each other better, making a show like Love is Blind a perfect experiment.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can re-live Season 3 right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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