Love Island USA’s Korey Gandy no longer talking to Cashay Proudfoot or Olivia Kaiser

Korey Gandy from Love Island USA
Korey Gandy from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

When Love Island USA headed into the finals, it was one star’s popularity that led the fan votes for the winning couple.

Korey Gandy had grown in popularity throughout the season, seeming to find heartbreak every time he put himself out there for a woman.

However, in the end, he hooked up with Olivia Kaiser, and the couple won it all.

Despite the big win, many fans were concerned that Olivia may be using Korey to get to the finals.

The two did break up, despite Korey wanting to move to Arizona where Olivia lived to try to make it work.

Now, they are not talking at all.

Korey Gandy said he and Olivia Kaiser are no longer talking after Love Island USA

Korey and Olivia’s breakup seemed like a giant misunderstanding.

In an interview after the breakup, Olivia said that Korey wanted to move too fast, and she put on the brakes.

She said she put him in the friend zone. That is when Korey moved on and ended up hooking up with Florita Diaz at one of the cast’s post-villa meetups.

Olivia was heartbroken because, while she put Korey in the friend zone, she wanted time to decide if she wanted to move ahead with their relationship.

She just never told him that.

Recently, fans asked Korey about him and Olivia, and he said that it had been a long time since they talked to each other. When someone asked if they would get back together, Korey gave a blunt answer.

“No. Probably not, to be honest. In the villa, it was dope,” Korey said. “Then afterward, a lot of things happened.” 

Korey and Olivia IG
Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

A fan then asked if Korey planned on sharing his side of the breakup story.

At this question, Korey scratched his head and then said he already did.

In fact, Korey did explain things last November. However, his version more vague than Olivia’s account.

Finally, a fan mentioned they heard about Korey and Olivia signing on to The Challenge this year.

They wrote, “Saw the cast leak for the CBS’s Challenge version, good luck and stick with Liv, please.”

However, Korey claimed the cast list was fake and he is at home and not headed out for The Challenge.

Korey Challenge IG
Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

Korey also hasn’t spoken with Cashay lately

Fans also asked if Korey and Cashay Proudfoot were still talking.

The two did not hook up but became close friends in the villa. Cashay recently broke up with her boyfriend from Love Island USA, Cinco Holland.

Korey said they are still close and Cashay is “his girl,” but he said he can’t remember the last time that they spoke.

Korey and Cashay IG
Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

That is better than his response to his relationship with Olivia.

“I have not talked to this girl in forever,” Korey said about Olivia. “But if I saw her out somewhere, I’d say, ‘What’s up?’ of course. You know, I don’t hate her. It’s hard for me to have hate for anyone. But we just both went our separate ways.”

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The dating reality show will return later this summer on Peacock.

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