The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast members possibly revealed winner in video clip

the challenge double agents cast in episode 18
Was The Challenge Season 37 winner revealed by cast members in a video clip? Pic credit: MTV

While The Challenge Season 37 spoilers recently arrived to give an idea of which cast members made the final, it’s still unknown who won the latest season of MTV’s show.

However, at least one super fan account out there may have discovered a possible clue about who at least one of the Season 37 winners were.

A recent video clip that started making the rounds on social media could have included an interesting bit of conversation revealing the latest Challenge winner.

Video clip may feature Season 37 spoiler

With filming rumored to be finished in Croatia, some of the potential Season 37 finalists shared updates on their social media accounts on Thursday, July 1. They included Nelson Thomas, Kaycee Clark, Nany Gonzalez, and Tori Deal.

Nelson and Kaycee shared video clips on their Instagram Stories, which included them sitting together, possibly eating at an airport or restaurant. In one of Nelson’s clips, he tagged Kaycee, Nany, and Tori, then showed each of them at a table as they ate food.

Kaycee shared a video clip on her IG Story in which she and Nelson are sitting next to each other and enjoying the song My Boo by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. While they’re grooving to the music, it seems Nany and Tori are heard speaking nearby.

“We were a hundred percent supposed to beat her,” one of them possibly says, with the other seeming to reply, “1,000 percent.”

the challenge kaycee clark shares ig story clip with nelson nany tori
Pic credit: @nany.jemmye.bigt.backup/Instagram

The potential spoiler reveal was shared in an IG Story post by the @nany.jemmye.bigt.backup super fan Instagram account. Check out the video clip below in the sixth slide to hear Nany and Tori’s small bit of conversation that may have been about the final.

Did a rookie win The Challenge 37 final?

Ahead of today’s shares from cast members, there appeared to be eight competitors in the Season 37 final in Croatia. That possibly included Double Agents winner CT Tamburello and Devin Walker, Kylie Christie, and Nelson for the men.

The video clips above potentially feature three out of the four women who were in the final. They are Kaycee, Nany, and Tori. The fourth female who was possibly in the final is rookie Emy Alupei.

Emy, 22, originally debuted on Survivor Romania and was also on X Factor. She was one of several rookies on Season 37 from Survivor Romania, with the other, Emanuel Neagu. He was possibly eliminated late in the season by Devin.

However, Emanuel could have been working alongside Emy in an alliance for most of the season, and it appears they both did well in their debut. If Emy was a winner for Season 37, she follows Season 36 winner Amber Borzotra from Big Brother.

Emy would also be the first Survivor star to win a final on MTV’s The Challenge, albeit from a version of Survivor outside of the United States. There were other Survivor stars on the season, including Michele Fitzgerald and Michaela Bradshaw. Before their appearances, viewers saw Jay Starrett and Natalie Anderson in previous seasons, but neither of them reached a final.

It’s still unclear if teams or individuals were competing in the Season 37 final. Based on what Nany and Tori said in that clip, it could have been every man and every woman for themself once they got to TJ’s final.

That could mean a men’s and women’s winner each got some cash on The Challenge Season 37 as separate winners unless they similarly had one winner to The Challenge: All Stars. More spoiler details are likely to arrive about the winner or winners in the coming days and weeks.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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J.R. Lobinsky
J.R. Lobinsky
3 years ago

The song’s call Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland, not My Boo