The Challenge spoilers: Season 37 filming ends for cast, finalists share updates together

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Several potential finalists shared updates after The Challenge Season 37 filming ended. Pic credit: MTV

Based on The Challenge spoilers for Season 37, filming has officially wrapped on MTV’s competitive reality series in Croatia. Several cast members who are believed to have participated in the final have now shared updates.

In addition, it means spoilers for who won Season 37 could soon arrive, along with an idea of when the latest installment of the show could arrive on MTV.

This report will feature Season 37 spoilers including names of potential finalists and who may have won The Challenge final.

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Cast members share updates after Season 37 filming ends

While the details of The Challenge Season 37 final are still unknown, it’s believed there may have been eight competitors in TJ Lavin’s final in Croatia. They included Double Agents finalists Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark along with Nelson Thomas and Tori Deal.

Those four cast members recently shared updates on their official Instagram accounts. Nelson shared several video clips on his Instagram Story including one showing him and Kaycee sitting together and enjoying some music as they ate.

Check out their recent shares in the Instagram posts below, which show four of the eight final competitors from Season 37.

In one video, Nelson also tagged castmates Nany Gonzalez and Tori Deal, showing that they were there with him and Kaycee having some food. It’s possible the four competitors were hanging out at the airport or elsewhere.

As the phone camera goes to Tori, she is busy checking her phone, which could indicate she’s catching up on her messages, social media, or seeing what happened online with Aneesa Ferreira recently.

As seen in one of the Instagram posts above, Kaycee and Tori shared selfies in their IG Story updates. Kaycee is seen wearing Under Armour gear, which Challenge fans know is the gear cast members are seen in on the show.

Nany shared a screenshot of a quote on her IG Story, which talks about soulmates. It’s unknown if she posted that based on something that took place during Season 37 or just to let people know she’s back on social media.

Who won The Challenge Season 37?

As of right now, those details have yet to arrive through spoilers forum threads or social media. Four other cast members presumed to be part of the Season 37 final do not appear in the social media posts mentioned above.

They were Double Agents winner Chris “CT” Tamburello, Devin Walker, Kylie Christie, and rookie Emy Alupei. It’s possible certain cast members were hanging out due to where they were traveling back to.

If he was part of the final, CT was the only cast member who is a previous winner. Nany, Kaycee, Nelson, Devin, and Kyle have each participated in a final during their Challenge careers, but never won it.

It’s unknown if competitors were in the final as individual competitors, teams of two like Double Agents, or larger teams. It’s also unknown what the prize money breakdown was for Season 37’s final.

Most likely, The Challenge spoilers for who won Season 37 in Croatia will be on the way in the coming days, or weeks. That said, it seems to give a good indication that the new season will arrive on MTV within the next several months, and at latest before the end of 2021.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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