The Challenge Season 37, Episode 9 synopsis teases arrival of ‘Veteran War’ and ‘massive twist’

amber borzotra and kaycee clark during elimination on the challenge season 37
The Challenge vets will have to send one of their own into elimination in Season 37, Episode 9. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies will feature some significant changes when Season 37, Episode 9 officially arrives on MTV.

In the previous episode, viewers finally saw a rookie make a game-changing move, which will impact the veterans’ alliance.

However, the synopsis for the upcoming installment of MTV’s reality competition show suggests there may also be a “massive twist” on the way for the competitors, which could further affect gameplay.

The Challenge Season 37, Episode 9 to feature ‘massive twist’

In Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 8, rookie Priscilla Anyabu really shook things up as she decided to take aim at the veteran competitors.

During the deliberation, vet Ashley Mitchell warned the rookies going into elimination not to break up a veteran-veteran team if they won.

However, Priscilla decided to go against her wishes and stole Ashley’s teammate, Josh Martinez, as her new partner. That move changes things as Episode 9 will feature the first veteran and rookie pair voted into an elimination.

Due to that circumstance, the synopsis suggests the vets will be at odds with one another ahead of elimination. In addition, the synopsis teases that host TJ Lavin is ready to spring one of his famous twists on everyone.

“At long last, the Veteran War has arrived testing everyone’s loyalty. The muddy ‘Bombshell Battle’ mission shows who is truly playing dirty. TJ shocks the agents at elimination with a massive twist that will change the game,” the IMDB synopsis reads.

So far, the major twist with elimination involved the winners of the daily challenge, aka The Agency, getting to choose any man and any woman to send into elimination rather than a team.

The new twist may force The Agency to select a team to go into elimination rather than any two individuals. That would shake things up even more and mean that two or more veterans could face elimination in Episode 9.

Which vets will be on the chopping block?

Based on the Season 37, Episode 9 preview, two veteran castmates will get into an argument in the upcoming installment of The Challenge. That’s nothing new, but it could provide a reason to vote a specific vet into elimination.

The footage revealed Josh Martinez and Cory Wharton heated at one another during the daily challenge called Bombshell Battle. It’s believed that the arguing starts due to Cory seeming to work with rookie Jeremiah White.

That could make Cory a target for the vets, as he’s been a cast member who regularly makes it to The Challenge final. However, another part of that trailer has Devin Walker discussing strategy with someone and saying he’d like a non-champion veteran to win the season.

With that in mind, CT Tamburello, Amber Borzotra, and Ashley Mitchell are the only cast members to have won a season of The Challenge. Will Amber be facing elimination at The Lair again, or will a different veteran be fighting for survival?

The Challenge Season 37, Episode 9 officially premieres on MTV on Wednesday, October 6.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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