The Challenge Season 37, Episode 4 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies?

the challenge season 37 cast members during episode 4 elimination
Competitors await the next elimination event on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies opened with cast members returning to headquarters after the big elimination featuring Tacha Akide and Berna Canbeldek.

Following the event, Corey Lay realized that he’d been sent into two of the three eliminations so far and was sick of it. Meanwhile, the veterans started realizing that their plan couldn’t keep going forever.

Another scene featured Josh Martinez talking over the Big Brother alliance situation with Fessy Shafaat. Fessy was concerned about Amber Borzotra targeting him for elimination.

Devin Walker and Kyle Christie spoke privately about the veteran alliance continuing to get rid of rookies. Devin noted in his confessional that the truce would eventually have to end when no rookie-rookie teams were left.

In yet another chat, Kaycee Clark and Amber tried to get on the same page about the Big Brother alliance. Amber seemed OK with Fessy. She said she’s going to protect Fessy, Josh, and Kaycee as best she can.

Viewers also saw Tula “Big T” Fazakerley crushing on Logan Sampedro. Chris “CT “Tamburello attempted to train Hughie Maughan a bit ahead of the next daily challenge.

Who were Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 4 mission winners?

The latest daily mission was Undercover Comms, where one team member was hanging under a rig suspended 35 feet above the water. Their teammate was onshore.

The competitors hanging over the water had to look for codes on the rig and relay them back to their teammates via walkie-talkies.

The teammate onshore would find the codes hidden in nearby rocks and then use them to unlock boxes to get a detonator. With each box they unlocked, they could drop one team of their choice from the rig.

After dropping two other teams, that team could go after a silver detonator to drop all of the remaining teams. The team to do this fastest between the two heat winners would become The Agency.

Some teams struggled with communicating the codes to their partners. Hughie was terrified up on the rig and not moving. Corey L also struggled to move under the rig.

Josh got the first team out, which was surprisingly Big T and Jeremiah White instead of the rookies, Corey L and Michele Fitzgerald. They were the next ones out, followed by CT and Berna, and then Nelson and Priscilla.

Josh and Amber ended up getting the win in the first heat. There were mostly vets competing in the second heat, so they all competed rather than trying to screw each other over. Kyle didn’t realize what the vets’ plan was for his heat.

Fessy and Esther Agunbiade eliminated the team of Tori Deal and Ed Eason. Devin and Emy Alupei got rid of Nany Gonzalez and Gabo Szabo. Aneesa and Logan eliminated Kaycee and Emanuel Neagu.

Kyle chose to eliminate Devin and his partner Emy, which upset Devin because his team was winning. He called out Kyle for not following the game plan for the second heat.

Ultimately, Fessy and Esther won the event to become The Agency, as they edged Josh and Amber’s time.

The vets strategize ahead of elimination

Ahead of deliberation, Josh, Cory, and Nelson talked about Kyle’s shady move at the mission. Devin was upset over what went down and suspicious of Kyle’s future moves. That made Kyle a potential target for elimination.

The cast enjoyed some time out at the club, with Michele and Emanuel kissing on the dance floor. Corey L spoke to Fessy, saying he knows he and Michele are going into elimination but wanted to ask about his opponent.

Corey L asked for Hughie and said Michele would want to go against Bettina Buchanan. They wanted to switch partners by winning.

Josh gave some advice to Devin, telling him to take note of what Kyle did but not to make it personal yet.

Jeremiah enjoyed some conversation with Amber and admitted in the confessional he thinks she’s beautiful with a “dope soul.” They kissed out on the dance floor.

Fessy and Esther talked over who they might send into elimination later. Esther said she wants to be assured that the vets won’t say her name in the future. Fessy seemed to tell her that was the case.

Kyle and Devin patched things up after Kyle issued an apology for what happened in the daily mission.

Deliberation and voting results

At deliberation, Michele and Corey L said they realized they were going into elimination again. They brought up they’ve consistently proven themselves. They suggested sending in some opponents who haven’t been in yet.

That immediately made certain rookies uncomfortable, including Hughie, who got vocal. Corey L swore at him, suggesting Hughie has been able to coast because he’s with the “right vet” as his partner.

Hughie kept going on and on. He eventually revealed that he voted for himself and Ashley to go into elimination at the previous deliberation. Ashley wasn’t pleased he burned his vote like that.

The agents voted, and the majority went towards Michele and Corey L, as expected.

After deliberation, Ashley was upset about Hughie’s burn vote. He tried to apologize, but she wasn’t having it and wanted a new partner.

Josh spoke with Kaycee and Fessy in private. He told Fessy not to put Amber in, which it seemed was something Fessy still wanted.

Who went home in the Episode 4 elimination?

The Compromised Agents, Corey L and Michele, joined TJ Lavin down on the ground level of The Lair. The Agency then got to decide who to send in against them. For the men, they obliged Corey’s request by sending Hughie in.

However, things got heated as Fessy began to make a speech about putting Amber into elimination. Amber felt blindsided. Josh began screaming at Fessy in the stands and started to move towards him, enraged.

TJ eventually told them to shut up and asked for The Agency’s other pick. They sent in Amber, and she wasn’t happy with Fessy, saying he’s still “messy.”

The elimination was Down to the Wire, with the two partners handcuffed together by a pole. They had to work together to drag their pole around an obstacle course to get a key at one end, then bring it back to unlock themselves at the other end.

Hughie and Amber started off doing exceptionally well. However, Hughie and Corey got into a fierce war of words, cursing at each other as they competed.

The challenge amber borzotra and hughie maughan work together in episode 4 elimination
The Spies, Lies & Allies agents compete in Down to the Wire elimination in Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

Due to that, Hughie dropped the key behind. In a big move, he stretched his leg over to retrieve the key, which eventually helped him and Amber win.

Following the victory, an emotional Hughie went up to Corey, taunting him. Corey put his hands on Hughie, causing security to step in between them.

In the confessional, Corey teared up about underestimating Hughie. They hugged it out to squash their beef before Corey and Michele left. TJ bid farewell to Corey and Michele, calling them “beasts.”

It was time to decide partners, and Hughie stole Nany as his new partner. Amber opted for Devin, which meant that Emy and Gabo became the new rookie-rookie pair. Josh and Ashley became teammates.

In confessionals, Josh and Fessy seemingly set the stage for a feud between them heading into the next episode.

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