The Challenge spoilers: Why is Amber Borzotra in Season 37 trailer but not on the cast list?

amber borzotra during the challenge double agents hall brawl
The Challenge: Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra during her Hall Brawl elimination. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 trailer recently debuted, showcasing some exciting footage from the upcoming Spies, Lies & Allies episodes. Based on some of the reveals, it will be another explosive, entertaining season, and like previous seasons, it will also have twists.

In fact, that part of the trailer where host TJ Lavin mentioned twists also revealed Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra. However, the former Big Brother star isn’t part of the official Spies, Lies & Allies cast.

Here are more details about why Amber’s involved with Season 37 of The Challenge, with some light spoilers on the way for the upcoming episodes.

Amber Borzotra appears in The Challenge Season 37 trailer

The trailer for Season 37 shows off many of the cast members who viewers will see on Spies, Lies & Allies, including Double Agents stars Ashley Mitchell, Tori Deal, Devin Walker, Fessy Shafaat, Cory Wharton, Nany Gonzalez, and Big T Fazakerley.

One of the winners of Double Agents is also present, as CT Tamburello is back again, looking to see if he can show all the rookies and vets how it’s done.

TJ Lavin announces to the competitors at one point during the trailer, “the twists keep coming.” A shot from the elimination venue shows Tori Deal looking shocked, most likely during another part of the season.

From there, the trailer footage shows a black sports car speeding down a track and stopping. Soon after, Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra steps out of the vehicle and raises her arms in the air to cheers and applause from castmates.

Amber wasn’t included with others on The Challenge cast list for Season 37, which makes her arrival during the trailer interesting. Some people speculated she was making a guest appearance as a mercenary to help out during a daily challenge. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Is Amber part of the Spies, Lies & Allies cast?

The early speculation from seeing Amber in the trailer is that she’s brought into the cast during the season, similarly to Ashley Mitchell on Double Agents. However, Ashley started as a part of the Season 36 cast. She was eliminated in just the first episode by rookie Natalie Anderson of Survivor.

Natalie ended up having an unexpected positive pregnancy test and had to leave the show because she couldn’t compete under those circumstances. To replace her, Ashley Mitchell was still in the region and got to come back to compete for a few more episodes until Kam Williams eliminated her.

Based on an online spoiler thread, Amber Borzotra was one of several alternates or replacements on location for The Challenge Season 37. Others included fellow Double Agents rookie Liv Jawanda, The Circle’s Ed Eason, and Big Brother UK’s Mark Byron.

Mark recently shared a video on his Instagram Story which included Ed, Liv, and Amber hanging out together.

big brother mark byron shares video of challenge season 37 alternates
Pic credit: @mrmarkbyron/Instagram Story

Speculation is that Amber may have been brought into the cast after another competitor was hurt or disqualified. As of right now, it’s unclear who she might be replacing or which episode Amber will show up in for the Spies, Lies & Allies season.

Ed Eason is believed to have replaced Nam Vo. Nam is listed amongst Season 37 cast members and also appears in the trailer. However, it’s believed he had a positive COVID-19 test and had to leave the show, resulting in his replacement.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres on Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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