The Challenge Season 37, Episode 16 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

tj lavin appears in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 16
TJ Lavin at The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 16 mission. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 16 opened with the agents returning home after the latest elimination event. Kyle Christie was victorious, sending Emerald’s Josh Martinez home.

Kyle chose to move over to the Sapphire team with the win, joining CT Tamburello and Emy Alupei. That sent Logan Sampedro back to the Ruby team.

The latest installment of The Challenge featured a million-dollar mission and the women in the spotlight as they’d be up for elimination.

Teams prepare for mission ahead

Devin Walker talked to Kyle about what happened with Josh going home. Devin said he blamed Amanda Garcia and Tori Deal for it. Amanda stole Tori’s spot on the Emerald team, and then Tori tried to team up with CT and Sapphire to prevent Emerald from winning the Episode 15 daily mission.

CT called a “team meeting” with rookie Emy Alupei where he questioned what their new teammate Kyle was up to with his joining them. CT said he feels Kyle’s trying to sabotage the mission or gain safety. Emy urged CT to try to work with him. In her confessional, she was worried if her teammates kept feuding, she’d go into elimination again.

The cast got a surprise “boat day” in Croatia from TJ Lavin so they could let loose and enjoy themselves on the water. Nany Gonzalez said she was happy she might run the final with Kaycee Clark.

In a confessional, Devin admitted Tori’s his top female ally in the game, but he was having issues getting a read on her with what she did at the last mission.

Back at headquarters, Emy suggested to Kyle to patch things up with CT. Kyle wasn’t going to apologize. He said he’d rather just compete with him and go their separate ways. In confessional, Amanda said CT had betrayed Kyle so many times, so they may never get along.

Tori and Devin had a conversation outside of the house. Tori asked for an apology from Devin for making her feel bad about how she played the last game. She told Devin he was about to lose a friend over being “prideful.” Devin wouldn’t apologize because he felt he didn’t do anything wrong.

Agents compete in Million Dollar Heist

TJ Lavin introduced the agents to Million Dollar Heist, where they could see and feel what a million dollars is like. The objective was for each team to grab as much cash from their vault as they could and transport it in two duffel bags to an SUV. The team to transport all of their money to the SUV fastest would become The Agency.

Surprisingly, the Ruby team got a huge lead over their opponents, to Nelson’s delight. He said it was their mission to lose. At one point, Logan told Big T to head to their SUV and push money towards the center. She mistakingly went to the Sapphire team’s SUV, and her teammates yelled at her.

Ruby was close, but Emerald saw how their safe was nearly empty. They loaded up their bags to take off before Ruby could try to sprint for the win.

In the end, the Emerald team won their fifth mission despite Ruby putting up a solid effort. That meant Emy, Big T, and Tori were all up for elimination.

Back at headquarters, the cast celebrated Kyle’s 29th birthday with an outdoors party. Big T admitted to Tori she’s going to volunteer herself to go into elimination. She felt it was smarter to choose Emy because the rookie might crumble under pressure.

Emerald team decided they shouldn’t let Big T go in, but instead put in someone they knew would beat her in elimination. Devin spoke with Tori about the plan to put her in. She wasn’t having that as she said she was trying to avoid eliminations.

Who went home in the Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

During the nomination meeting, Big T admitted she wanted to go into elimination. She said her plan was to win and infiltrate Emerald because they’re the strongest team.

Nelson brought up Devin being manipulative and having issues with endurance in the daily mission. They bickered a bit until Nany told them it’s a women’s elimination day and to stop. The Agency eventually voted in Big T.

Later on, Emy was frustrated as she told Emanuel Neagu she felt she was being used as a weapon to eliminate other competitors. In his confessional, Emanuel said he couldn’t choose between his friend Emy, and the girl he has a relationship with, Tori.

At the Lair, Big T joined TJ down on the ground level. She called down Emy as her opponent, making it Emy’s fourth time in elimination.

The women competed in an event called License to Chill. There were two giant pools full of freezing cold water with puzzle pieces nearby to assemble.

the challenge season 37 episode 16 elimination event
The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 16 elimination event was License to Chill. Pic credit: MTV

They had to jump in the pool of water, swim across, ring a bell, swim back across, and then jump out to work on the puzzle.

Every so often, TJ would sound the airhorn and they had to go back in the water, swim across, and ring the bell again to continue working on the puzzle.

Big T seemed to have a solid strategy going for a while. However, Emy persevered through the cold water and had CT cheering her on. She eventually picked up the win, sending Big T home for the season.

With Emy now 4-0 in eliminations, Nelson called her “Rookie of the Year” in his confessional.

With the win, Emy could choose to return to the Sapphire team or infiltrate another team. She decided to return to Sapphire with Uncle CT.

As the episode closed, TJ reminded everyone “don’t get too comfortable.” Cast members wondered if the final is coming after another guys’ elimination day.

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