The Challenge Season 37, Episode 13 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

cast members in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 13
The Ruby and Sapphire teams await TJ Lavin’s announcement on the daily mission winner in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

The cast returned to The Challenge headquarters, with Emy Alupei celebrating her elimination victory. In confessional, she admitted CT Tamburello is her idol, sort of like Lady Gaga is her musical idol, so she will go where he goes.

Elsewhere, Kyle Christie filled in Logan Sampedro about Amanda’s issues now that she’s part of the Ruby team. Cory Wharton and Nelson Thomas also had some negative things to say in confessionals.

Nelson called her “toxic,” while Cory said the Ruby cell is a “hot mess” because they lost Emy and gained Amanda Garcia. Meanwhile, Amanda said she felt unwelcomed, and since they’re calling her a “s****y player,” she will show them what that is.

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Emanuel Neagu spoke about his Romanian traditions with CT and Devin Walker. In confessional, he also bragged how he’s the only rookie who hasn’t been in elimination yet. In another scene later, he was naked in the shower with a fully-clothed Tori Deal there “helping him.”

Ashley Mitchell praised Emanuel’s smart gameplay in her confessional, mentioning he was partnered with Kaycee Clark before and now “with Tori.” Outside, Josh Martinez talked privately to Logan in Spanish about him being one of the strongest rookies still in the game, revealing their alliance.

In another scene, Cory and Nelson spoke about how things were going to get crazy. Cory said Josh isn’t moving right, and he’s not sure they should trust him. Nelson agreed, and they said they would ride together to the final.

Who won the Episode 13 daily mission?

Host TJ Lavin welcomed the agents to Sunken Intelligence, a mission involving untangling a mess of ropes underwater to retrieve a diamond and bring it in a treasure chest to shore. The team to get it done the fastest would become The Agency.

The Emerald team went first but struggled a bit with all the knots in the ropes underwater. Nany Gonzalez talked in confessional about their team going for a fourth-straight win. They finally started to drag their chest to the shore, but the clip unhooked, so their team went and grabbed the trunk to bring to shore.

The other teams watched, hoping that Emerald’s mistakes would give them a chance to win the mission. Sapphire went second and only had four team members compared to six for Emerald and five for Ruby. Ashley got frustrated with Kyle during the untangling of ropes.

Ruby team members told Amanda to organize the rope and stay out of the way. Amanda jokingly did the Titanic pose as she stood on the top of the shipwrecked boat. That annoyed her teammates.

Ruby team seemed to perform well with a time that seemed like it could beat Emerald’s time. TJ revealed to the agents which team had the best time, though. He said it was “very close” between Ruby and Emerald. However, the Emerald team won again.

Deliberation decides new Compromised Agent

The Emerald team became The Agency again but had a tough decision on who to put into elimination. Their options included Cory, Nelson, Logan, Kyle, or CT.

At the club, Cory spoke with Josh about his team’s intentions and congratulated him for working hard this season at the game. Emerald team talked strategy about what they’d do if their team gets infiltrated.

Ruby team had a meeting with Nelson and Cory confronting Amanda Garcia over messing things up in the daily mission. She blew up at them and started to walk off, but Nelson said something. Amanda got loud, telling him to stop blaming someone else.

“I’ll play for the other team every time. So you better go down to elimination and switch teams. How bout that?” Amanda yelled to Cory and Nelson.

amanda garcia in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 13
Amanda Garcia puts castmates on notice at the club in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

At the deliberation, agents got time to make their cases about why not to put them into elimination. CT asked not to be made into a “hitman” and to let him remain with his team.

Nelson apologized for blowing up at his teammates Big T and Amanda. He said he believes in his team and wants to stay with Ruby. Logan said the same. Kyle said if he goes in there, everyone is up for grabs. Cory said the same thing.

The Agency huddled up and then voted. Cory was Compromised Agent for his second time of the season and wasn’t happy with it. He blew up at Devin and Josh over their decision.

Cory told them he would win elimination and then infiltrate the Emerald team to throw their next missions so he could call out Josh or Devin.

Who went home in Episode 13 elimination?

At The Lair, Cory joined TJ down on the ground level. He called out his opponent, rookie Logan Sampedro, to compete in the event. That event was Rope Burn.

It involved each competitor on top of a round cage holding a rope, trying to snatch a rope out of their opponent’s hands or make them fall. Either one earns a point. The first to get two out of three was the winner. The rope was also set on fire.

After a while of the two guys getting a feel for each other, Logan took advantage of Cory becoming off-balance and won the first point as Cory slid to the ground.

the challenge spies lies and allies episode 13 elimination event
Logan competes against Cory in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 13 elimination, Rope Burn. Pic credit: MTV

Logan took advantage again when Cory took one hand off the rope to rest his arm a bit. He snatched the rope and pulled him off-balance to cause him to fall off. With that Logan won. Cory hugged Nelson goodbye and told him to go win the final.

With his win, Logan got to decide if he wanted to go back to the Ruby team. Logan said he wasn’t going back after his own teammate called him out. He said he was stealing Kyle’s spot on the Sapphire cell, sending him back to Ruby.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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