The Challenge Season 37, Episode 11 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

ruby team awaits elimination in the challenge season 37 episode 11
Cast members await the elimination matchup for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

The new Challenge teams arrived back to headquarters after the first day of becoming Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire cells. While most teams were excited, Cory Wharton was still irritated by his teammate Kyle Christie making jokes and not being serious about their team.

Nany Gonzalez spoke to Ashley Mitchell about her loyalty after winning in elimination and sticking with Sapphire team. Nany said she thought the next guy to win an elimination would infiltrate the “green team,” aka Emerald.

Cory set up a boot camp for his teammates to bring everyone together with different drills and exercises to train ahead of their daily challenge, but it became more of a joke.

Logan Sampedro waved a sign to support Ruby team. He also mentioned in confessional that he pulled his hamstring in the previous daily mission.

Cast gets video calls, Kyle hears about ‘mucus plug’

Various castmates spoke with loved ones in a video call segment. They showed The Circle’s Ed Eason talking with his mom Tammy who was on the Netflix show with him. Big T Fazakerley spoke with her sister in another emotional call.

Nelson Thomas chatted with his mother, who was ecstatic to talk with him. Kyle spoke with his partner Vicky Turner who was six months pregnant and shared ultrasound images.

Later, Amanda Garcia told Kyle about how her water never broke when she was pregnant, and she lost her mucus plug in the toilet. Amanda joked in her confessional they’ll need a bed next to Kyle’s girlfriend for him during the pregnancy.

Tori and Emanuel’s showmance continues

Footage showed more of the goofy antics involving castmates Emanuel Neagu and Tori Deal. They admitted a sexual attraction that also involved each other’s weirdness.

During the segment, Emanuel dressed up in a costume as a woman and paraded around, drawing laughter from Tori and other castmates.

“I love how you don’t give a f**k,” Tori told Emanuel as they cuddled together in bed later.

Shortly after the montage of silly highlights, it was time for the competitors to get serious with their next daily mission called Satellite Sabotage.

Who won the Satellite Sabotage mission?

Host TJ Lavin mentioned that P3 portable protein snacks were the sponsor for Episode 11’s daily mission and would provide a special cash boost for the winners.

The daily event involved mental and physical strength as each team went up on a “satellite” hanging above the water. They had to leap from satellite arm to arm. The final arm had wires plugged in below it. Competitors had to jump and pull a wire out in a “leap of faith” before falling into the water.

However, opposing teams got to blast competitors on the satellite with a fire hose to knock them off. The daily challenge winners would be the team to get the most players the farthest in the fastest time.

Emerald’s strategy was to knock off the heavy hitters on the Sapphire team, meaning Ed, CT Tamburello, and Nelson.

For Sapphire, CT made it to the final satellite arm and pulled a wire out. Nelson and Ed both fell off while getting blasted by water. Ashley just quit and dropped into the water. TJ was cracking up at a terrified Bettina Buchanan who dropped off next. Amanda Garcia attempted the mission but fell off.

For the Ruby team, Cory also made it to the final arm and yanked a wire out. Kyle went next and jumped onto the final arm without jumping for a plug. He then dropped off and pulled a plug out, so castmates thought he didn’t follow the rules.

Emy Alupei tried to get all the way across but hit one of the final arms and fell. The same fate happened to Big T on her first jump, but Logan went all the way and pulled a third plug for Ruby.

Emerald team went last. Nany, Tori, and Josh fell off on their first jumps. Kaycee and Devin completed the entire mission and pulled wires out. Emanuel went last and was doing well until he hit an arm and fell into the water.

Ruby celebrated after seeing that, but Josh Martinez said in confessional he thought Kyle DQ’d. Later, TJ told Kyle his plug didn’t count because he didn’t make a jump for it. That left Emerald and Ruby tied with two plugs each.

However, TJ revealed the team that did it fastest was Emerald, making them The Agency once again. They all received a bonus prize of $3,000 each and P3 snacks inside a giant safe. Kyle was sick over costing his team the win.

Who went home from Episode 11 elimination?

The Emerald team strategized about who to vote into elimination. They brought up Ed, Cory, and Logan, due to Logan’s injury. The team tried to figure out who might win and if they’d take someone’s spot on Emerald team when they did.

At the deliberation, Kyle apologized to his team. Cory told the Ruby team he was proud of everyone’s effort today.

Ed spoke up about how The Agency would probably want to send in a rookie. He suggested they don’t send in Logan because he needed extra time to heal his hamstring injury. Ed mentioned in confessional that Logan spared him when he was in The Agency before due to a promise.

The Agency followed Ed’s bold suggestion and voted him in as the Compromised Agent. His potential opponents were Cory, CT, Nelson, and Kyle.

At The Lair, TJ called Ed down to the ground level and asked who he wanted to face as his opponent. Ed thought it over and chose Kyle.

TJ revealed that Pole Wrestle was back on The Challenge as their event. The game involves competitors each grabbing onto a pole and trying to wrestle it away from their opponent. The first one to win two of three rounds would win, while the loser got eliminated.

the challenge 37 ed eason and kyle christie compete in pole wrestle
Ed Eason and Kyle Christie compete in Pole Wrestle in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

The first round featured quite a battle, with Kyle getting an early advantage. Ed turned things around and had Kyle on his back, but the vet hung onto that pole. After a long fight, Kyle yanked the pole away to win Round 1.

Ed gave another fierce battle in the second round, but Kyle proved why he’s a legend in Pole Wrestle, eventually getting the 2-0 win. TJ asked Kyle if he wanted to rejoin the Ruby team or steal a spot on another team. Kyle stole Nelson’s spot on Sapphire.

Nelson became part of the Ruby team with Cory. Nelson called it a “typical Kyle” move in confessional, referring to him as a “snake.”

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