The Challenge: How many times has CT Tamburello been in the final and won?

Chris ct tamburello with teammate emy alupei on the challenge 37
Chris “CT” Tamburello and rookie teammate Emy Alupei on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

When The Challenge began its 37th season on MTV, just two former champions were part of the cast as Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell and Chris “CT” Tamburello were listed.

However, it wasn’t a secret that another champion would soon join them, as Amber Borzotra appeared in trailer footage, making her arrival during an episode.

The Double Agents winner joined the two other champs for the Spies, Lies & Allies season. Of the three, though, it was CT Tamburello who won the most finals. So how many times did he compete in and win the final exactly?

CT made The Challenge finals early in his career

CT Tamburello, 41, first arrived on the scene with MTV’s The Real World: Paris season alongside Ace Amerson, Mallory Snyder, Adam King, and Leah Gillingwater. All of these cast members went on The Challenge, but CT became the most successful there.

His debut was with 2004’s The Inferno, where he reached the final as a rookie. He finished as part of the runner-up team consisting of Coral Smith, Mike Mizanin, and Syrus Yarbrough.

In his second season, The Inferno II, he reached a final again as part of a bigger runner-up team. It included Abram Boise, Derrick Kosinski, Rachel Robinson, Tina Barta, Veronica Portillo, and Tonya Cooley.

It would take three more seasons before he got to another final, with The Gauntlet III as part of a large team featuring castmates Evelyn Smith, Paula Meronek, Kenny Santucci, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, and Diem Brown.

His eighth season, Battle of the Exes, saw CT teamed up with Diem, whom he had a showmance with throughout several seasons. They reached the final but failed to claim the win. However, it was a sentimental moment for his Challenge career.

The two appeared as teammates again on Diem’s final season, Battle of the Exes II, with Diem having to leave early due to becoming sick.

CT’s achieved first final wins with rival, second on his own

CT appeared on the first Rivals season of MTV’s The Challenge with his former Real World castmate, Adam King. The duo previously got into a fight with CT punching him in the face, resulting in a DQ.

However, they worked well together on their Rivals season, nearly making it to the final, until Johnny Bananas and Tyler Duckworth eliminated them.

With Rivals II, CT partnered with The Real World: Austin’s Wes Bergmann. The two had previously feuded during other seasons, but they were effective together as a team with Rivals II. They reached the season’s final and bested Johnny Bananas with his partner Frank Sweeney to win.

That gave CT his first-ever Challenge win, and it took him nine seasons to get there. After failing to reach the finals in his Free Agents and Battle of the Exes II seasons, CT arrived during a twist for the Invasion of the Champions.

The Real World star claimed a second win by defeating newcomers Nelson Thomas and Cory Wharton to claim the first-place prize money during that season. That season also gave Ashley Mitchell her first win.

CT’s recent championships included win with Team UK, rookie

War of the Worlds 2 featured CT getting chosen to be part of Team UK rather than the American side. That worked to his advantage as he stayed away from eliminations and eventually made it to the final. He’d win his third championship as part of a team with Dee Nguyen, Rogan O’Connor, and Jordan Wiseley.

He claimed his fourth Challenge win with Season 36, aka Double Agents. That was where he ended up with former Big Brother star Amber Borzotra. CT and the rookie outlasted teams, including Nany Gonzalez with Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams with Cory Wharton, to split $900,000.

That gives Chris “CT” Tamburello nine appearances in the final and four Challenge championships ahead of his Spies, Lies & Allies season.

With the longtime cast member in his early 40s, many fans wonder if he’ll keep on going to match the legend Johnny Bananas, who has won seven seasons, the most of any cast member.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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