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The Challenge Season 37, Episode 11 sneak peek reveals daily mission with bonus prize, team’s strategy to win

ct tamburello in the challenge season 37 episode 11 daily mission
CT Tamburello prepares for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Satellite Sabotage mission. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies will return with another episode featuring the three new teams battling to win the latest daily mission so they can ensure survival.

In the previous episode, the competitors and viewers learned about brand new twists for the game, which could really impact strategy moving forward.

Based on new sneak footage, host TJ Lavin has revealed an additional prize to motivate the competitors in their daily challenge. With that, one team’s strategy to win the event is shown and seems to make plenty of sense.

The Challenge 37, Episode 11 mission preview arrives

In preview footage ahead of Season 37, Episode 11, the agents compete again as “Cells.” These Cells, aka teams, are Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. The Ruby team is down a member, leaving them with five competitors against six in the other two teams.

TJ Lavin reveals their daily mission will be Satellite Sabotage, which involves a huge satellite hanging above the water. That satellite consists of spokes or bars, which are each spaced a different distance apart. Competitors must jump to each one and eventually get to the final bar to pull out one of the wires.

The object is to be the team to deactivate the satellite the fastest. However, opposing teams get to have some fun as they blast competitors with a fire hose from down on the shore.

In the clip below, one team is preparing to go, with CT Tamburello taking the lead. However, an opposing squad has a strategy to knock at least one of that team’s “heavy hitters” off during the mission.

Viewers will get to see which of the three teams performs the best and wins the event. The winning team becomes The Agency, giving them the power to decide who they vote into elimination and also granting safety to all of their team members from going in.

In Episode 10, there were already issues with the Ruby team, as Cory Wharton and his teammate Kyle Christie were at odds.

That led to them briefly arguing during deliberation about being united as a team trying to win. It also brought about the winning team’s decision to vote in the Ruby team’s strongest player, Priscilla Anyabu.

At the elimination, Priscilla and the rest of the cast learned of the new twist, where she could call down any female, except for one from the winning team, as her opponent. She chose Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, who ultimately won the event, sending Priscilla home.

With that, Episode 11 seems likely to feature a men’s elimination, with the heat still on Cory Wharton, plus the rookies, including Emanuel Neagu, who has yet to face elimination.

Extra prize on the line with Episode 11 mission?

In previous seasons of The Challenge, each daily challenge tended to have another prize on the line. For example, some seasons that meant a dinner provided by a sponsor like Burger King. In other seasons, there were tech gadgets or other rewards that cast members won.

There were also seasons where competitors could bank additional money in a bank account and potentially take it home. Based on TJ Lavin’s reveal in the clip above, competitors on the winning team are going to get a “cash boost.”

That could be a big deal for some cast members who haven’t won anything before, as it will kickstart their total prize money won during their Challenge careers. A former cast member recently mentioned why she preferred The Challenge’s older seasons, including one with a special prize for the daily winners.

TJ didn’t reveal how much the cash boost was, so it will be interesting to see exactly how much the winning team’s competitors get. That said, all of the competitors are probably more interested in surviving to another episode and getting to TJ’s final, where a million dollars is on the line.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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