The Challenge Season 37: Amanda Garcia reveals why Tori Deal wanted apology from castmate

amanda garcia in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 17
Amanda Garcia during a confessional for The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 16. Pic credit: MTV

Viewers saw The Challenge stars Tori Deal and Devin Walker involved in an argument in Spies, Lies & Allies as Tori wanted an apology from her friend and castmate.

Based on recent events during the show, it appeared that Tori was hurt after Devin blasted her for a “selfish” move in the game with her new team.

However, in recent reactions to the episode, their castmate Amanda Garcia says Tori wanted an apology because she was hurt over a specific comment and reaction that never aired.

The Challenge’s Tori demanded apology from Devin

During Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 16, Tori Deal and Devin Walker had a private conversation outside of Challenge headquarters.

Tori wanted Devin to apologize to her as she said he’d “hurt her feelings” over how she played the last game. That seemed to be related to Devin calling out Tori’s “selfish a**” move in Episode 15, where she got Sapphire Team to work with her and Ruby team to ensure Emerald wouldn’t win the daily mission.

Devin didn’t feel an apology was necessary for calling her out. Tori did and suggested Devin was going to lose her as a friend if he didn’t just say he was sorry. Some of their exchange was captured in the trailer for the episode (below).

Devin never apologized, but the two castmates were still on opposing teams. Later in Episode 16, Devin spoke with Tori about some of his Emerald teammates, mainly Amanda, wanting Tori to be their vote for elimination.

That didn’t happen, though. During elimination nominations, Tori spoke up and said they probably wouldn’t want to send her in as their weapon because they’d lose a friend and ally. Devin and Emerald team spared Tori from being the house vote, and sent in Tula “Big T” Fazakerley instead.

Amanda reacts to scene in Season 37, Episode 16

With each episode of Season 37, cast member Amanda Garcia has shared her reactions to the various events. She reacted a bit later than usual to Episode 16 but had plenty to say, including several comments about Tori.

In one tweet, Amanda revealed that Tori was hurt because Devin laughed at CT’s joke about Tori getting run over by Kaycee during the Episode 15 daily challenge.

“Lmfao the reason why Tory is mad at Devin is cuz CT said she got lawnchaired in the last challenge and Devin laughed at it hahahahahaha loser,” Amanda tweeted.

amanda garcia the challenge tweet devin and tori apology
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

In another tweet, Amanda brought up Big T’s plan to steal her spot if she won in her elimination during Episode 16. Amanda said she was OK with that and made another remark about her castmate Tori in the tweet.

“I had a convo with Big T before and told her if she took my spot I wouldn’t care. I’ll be good no matter where I go I’m not a cry baby like SOMEEEE ppl,” Amanda tweeted.

amanda garcia tweets about big t stealing spot
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

In a previous elimination, Amanda went against Big T and won. Amanda chose to steal Tori’s spot on Team Emerald with her victory, sending Tori over to Ruby. That irritated Tori some, and Amanda has continued to bring up the recent events in her reactions on Twitter.

As reported several months ago, Tori deleted her Twitter account during the Spies, Lies & Allies season, meaning she cannot reply to Amanda’s tweets unless she has a secret burner account.

Tori remains active on her official Instagram and is also a co-host on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. She continues to give her weekly thoughts on The Challenge episodes with Aneesa Ferreira but hasn’t said anything about Amanda’s recent online remarks.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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