The Challenge star deletes Twitter after castmate’s remark, ahead of Spies, Lies and Allies Episode 3

cast members appear in the challenge season 37 episode 1
The Challenge Season 37 cast during the Episode 1 elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season is only a few episodes deep, but already cast members are throwing shade at one another as they react to episodes each week.

Among the castmates who aren’t holding back is Amanda Garcia. She returned to The Challenge after a few seasons off to appear on Season 37. She’s been actively tweeting during the episodes of MTV’s show and giving her candid thoughts.

That included her calling out another veteran star on the show. That star has since deleted her Twitter account, although rumors suggest the story may go beyond Amanda’s comment.

Amanda Garcia reacts to Episode 2 scene, calls out castmate as ‘fake friend’

A lot happened involving cast members in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 2, including Josh Martinez fabricating a story about castmate Kelz Dyke to get him voted into elimination.

However, the rookie wasn’t letting Josh get away with that. Kelz called him out on the spot about making things up and not admitting he was afraid of him in competition.

Some of Kelz’s comments drew smirks from Josh’s supposed allies, including veteran stars Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tori Deal. That particular scene also got Amanda Garcia’s attention as she called out her castmate “Tory” for it.

“Wait why is Tory laughing at Kelz talking s**t to Josh? Fake friend alert,” Amanda tweeted with an alarm emoji during Wednesday’s episode.

amanda garcia tweets during the challenge season 37 episode 2
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

Tori also tweeted a comment for her Season 37 castmate, Amanda, asking, “You love crabby patties don’t you squidward,” referring to a SpongeBob SquarePants character. Tori also included a love emoji with the comment.

Various fan accounts on social media captured screenshots of the Twitter comments, as shown below. However, Tori’s Twitter, @tori_deal, is no longer active, as it appears she shut down the account in the past few days.

Tori mentioned ‘awkward conversations’ coming to Challenge podcast

As of this report, Tori had only shut down her official Twitter account. She also has other social media and venues where she still speaks her mind.

Tori has her own podcast series, Tori Dealing With, and recently started an OnlyFans page. She revealed to fans why she chose to join that platform, with money among the reasons, suggesting some of her male castmates are doing very well with it.

She’s still active on her Instagram @tori_deal, where she’s shared a new series of photos with castmate Aneesa Ferreira (below). The two are friends away from the show and also co-host MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

In an interview about The Challenge Season 37, Tori spoke about the fact she’d be having some “awkward conversations” on this season’s podcast. So far, two episodes have arrived for that podcast, with eliminated rookie Michaela Bradshaw in Episode 1 and new rookie Ed Eason in Episode 2.

“So last season it wasn’t that bad because I had only been there for a few episodes. There were some interesting conversations that had to be had on the podcast. This season, I’m definitely gonna have some awkward conversations coming on the podcast. I’m kind of nervous about them,” Tori told Medium’s Allan Aguire about the Season 37 podcast.

That could mean that some drama is about to arrive involving Tori and one of her castmates in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 3. It’s unknown whether or not that castmate will be featured in the follow-up podcast episode, but it could be what Tori was alluding to. It could also be why Tori decided to move away from any backlash on Twitter ahead of the episode, so stay tuned.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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