The Challenge rumors: Multi-time finalist shares life update, could be taking break or retiring from the show

the challenge spies lies and allies cast members in episode 9
Another of the veteran cast members from The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies may not return for Season 38. Pic credit: MTV

As of right now, recent The Challenge rumors have arrived online about one of the longtime veteran cast members possibly leaving the show.

It could be due to them taking a break from competing or deciding to retire and pursue other endeavors in their professional life.

However, recent photos shared on social media seem to point to one or the other happening in their Challenge career.

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The Challenge finalist shares ‘life update’

With The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season has ended, many fans wonder which cast members might return for Season 38.

As of this report, there are no official reports or spoilers related to the cast members for the new season. However, some cast members have shared updates that point to them not returning.

Fans may be adding Nany Gonzalez to that list of cast members not returning, depending on if she chooses to take a break or retire to pursue a different career.

Nany shared a “Life update” Instagram Story post in which she mentions the new year is her “year to progress” and get back to doing things she loves.

That includes spending more time with her “beautiful family and friends” and making new memories to “last a lifetime.”

“Last but NOT least…Getting back into what I’m best at: making other people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin,” she shared, adding, “I’m currently in the process of transferring my Esthetics license from the state of Florida to Cali and plan to be back in business soon and better than ever.”

“STAY TUNED” also appears on the Instagram photo, with Nany likely to share more about this in the future.

nany gonzalez posts life update to instagram story
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram Story

Along with the above post, Nany also revealed she’d started an official Instagram page for her work as an esthetician. Fans can follow her page @nanycarmenbeauty to stay updated on her professional venture or possibly find out how to book appointments for her work.

The Instagram page is just getting started, and according to the Instagram bio, there’s an “Under Construction” website at on the Wix platform.

Nany could be among several Season 37 stars not returning

Based on Nany’s posts above, it’s raised speculation about her potentially taking a break from The Challenge to work and get things up and running in California as an esthetician.

The former Real World: Las Vegas star moved out there with girlfriend Kaycee Clark last year after their romantic relationship became more serious. Viewers saw that unfold during the Spies, Lies & Allies season.

In a show of support for her girlfriend’s new pursuit, Kaycee shared an Instagram Story post to help refer people to Nany’s new business Instagram page.

“If you trying to get that skin looking righhht! My girl @nanycarmen Gotchu!” Kaycee shared in the Instagram Story slide, along with where to follow the new Instagram.

kaycee clark shares nany gonzalez business ig page details
Pic credit: @kcsince1987/Instagram Story

Nany has appeared in 11 seasons of The Challenge, with three appearances in the final. She was a finalist in Seasons 37 and 38 but failed to capture her first win. In Season 36, Double Agents, she and a retiring Leroy Garrett ran the final together and finished in third place.

Following the season, Leroy began to focus on his work as a barber in Houston, Texas and started other pursuits. He and his girlfriend Kam Williams recently revealed they are expecting their first child.

During The Challenge Season 37, called Spies, Lies & Allies, Nany made it to another final. This time around, she ended up on a four-person team which also included Kaycee. However, an elimination event during the final pitted them against one another. Nany ended up losing and was sent home. Kaycee went on to win the final alongside Chris “CT” Tamburello.

As far as Spies, Lies & Allies cast members to go, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley mentioned she’d be leaving the show to attend culinary school in what seemed to be a retirement post on Instagram.

Castmates CT Tamburello and Cory Wharton have both expressed they are likely to take a break to focus on their families at home. In addition, Tori Deal commented about her potential return for Season 38, suggesting she’d “possibly” be back.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus from MTV, with Season 38 expected to arrive in 2022.

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