The Challenge star Tori Deal comments on her move to new city and if she’ll return for Season 38

tori deal in spies lies and allies global activation special
Tori Deal during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

Tori Deal of The Challenge has moved to a new home and recently shared with fans why she decided to make the transition to another big city.

She’ll now be neighbors, so to speak, with several Challenge alum or castmates, as she’s chosen to live in warm and sunny Miami, Florida.

Along with Tori answering a fan question about the move, she also replied to someone asking if she had plans to return for The Challenge Season 38.

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Tori Deal comments on her recent move to Miami

Over the past several months, Tori Deal has had plenty going on, including her appearance on Spies, Lies & Allies, and defending herself from comments made by castmates Jemmye Carroll and Amanda Garcia.

Most of Jemmye’s comments were regarding Tori’s breakup and rumored cheating on former-fiance Jordan Wiseley. In a Patreon video, Jemmye shared what she said were inside details about Tori and Jordan’s situation, including a claim that Jordan had to pay Tori $5,000 to move out of his Los Angeles place.

Tori refuted those rumors, indicating it was less money than that and that it was Jordan paying her to keep some of her furniture she wasn’t taking out of the place when she moved out. Jordan also confirmed this in an Instagram video.

Fast forward to 2022, and Tori is on to a brand new location. She was in New Jersey for a bit after the Jordan breakup, but now she’s moved on.

“Why did you decide on moving to Miami?” a fan asked Tori during her Instagram Story “Ask me a question” session.

“I’ve been living with my mom and stepdad for the past year,” Tori wrote in her answer, adding, “The move back to jersey was always going to be temporary. So while I was there I put a lot of thought into what city I wanted to experience next. I’ve done New York and LA… so Miami it is.”

tori deal the challenge comments on her move to miami
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram Story

The Spies, Lies & Allies star shared a series of photos on her Instagram page days ahead of that Instagram Story response. Her Instagram post shows several shots of herself and a video shot from inside a plane ride, presumably as she travels to Miami.

“To new beginnings,” her caption says, with the post drawing in over 40,000 Likes, as of this report.

It brought comments from several of her Challenge castmates past and present, including Josh Martinez.

“Hi neighbor,” wrote Josh, who also lives in the area that Tori just moved to.

josh martinez comments tori deal ig post
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram

“Love this so much for you!” their Spies, Lies & Allies castmate Nany Gonzalez wrote.

nany gonzalez comments tori deal move
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram

Tori’s good friend and former Challenge castmate, Ashley Marie Kelsey, is ready to visit with her baby daughter Snoh.

ashley marie kelsey wants to visit tori deal in miami with snoh
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram

In addition to Josh Martinez living in the area, Tori will also have another Challenge alum nearby. Two-time champion Rachel Robinson lives in the area and is a Barry’s Miami Master Trainer who teaches local fitness classes, which Josh has attended before.

Tori comments on potential Season 38 return

In The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies final, viewers saw Tori Deal finish in second place with her teammate Kyle Christie, as Chris “CT” Tamburello and Kaycee Clark got the victory quicker.

Some viewers even feel Tori may have been robbed of the opportunity to win the season alongside CT due to an elimination event during the final that let Kaycee choose any male partner to finish the final with.

That was the former Are You The One? star’s third final in six seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, and it likely will have her inspired to return to capture the win.

However, it seems a bit unclear if she’ll return for Season 38, based on Tori’s response to a fan’s question.

In her Instagram Story reply, Tori says, “Possibly! Unsure at the moment.”

the challenge star tori deal replies to fan about season 38 return
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram

Tori currently co-hosts MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast with Aneesa Ferreira. Since Spies, Lies & Allies ended, they’ve been speaking with cast members from The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff, including Brad Fiorenza.

This past December, Tori appeared on another podcast, Challenge Mania, and mentioned to the hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski she’s been tempted to take a break from being on MTV’s show.

“That question to leave the show and to take a break always comes up in my mind and more recently now than ever,” Tori told them, adding, “It’s a matter of like, ‘Ok Tori, are you doing this for you because you genuinely need a break or are you doing it because you can’t handle the heat anymore?'”

Tori also told the Challenge Mania hosts that she feels leaving the show would be something her haters would enjoy. However, she said it would be a disservice to those she loves to let others bully her out of her job, as Tori mentioned the money she gets from The Challenge is important to save for her nieces, nephews, and other family members.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus from MTV, with Season 38 expected to arrive in 2022.

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