The Challenge rumors: Big Brother stars dropped from Season 38 cast ahead of filming

the challenge war of the worlds season
Cast members from MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Based on some of the latest spoilers for The Challenge, fans might’ve seen a popular cast member return to the show for Season 38. However, an insider now indicates that the individual is out of the cast.

With a new theme ready to go for the 38th season of MTV’s competition series, it would’ve brought an iconic cast member back to the show and a fellow Big Brother star who would’ve been in their first season.

This report may contain some spoilers regarding the theme for Season 38 of The Challenge and some of the cast members.

Big Brother stars dropped from The Challenge 38?

In the most recent seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, viewers have seen some of the Big Brother stars have success. Specifically, Amber Borzotra and Kaycee Clark were able to last until the final and then team up with veteran Chris “CT” Tamburello to win their share of a million dollars in prize money.

They are just two of several Big Brother stars who have appeared on The Challenge, though, and many fans have been begging to see a few others return to the show.

On Wednesday, The Challenge superfan and insider @GamerVev on Twitter shared the latest information about Season 38’s cast, mentioning that former Big Brother star and two-time Challenger Da’Vonne Rogers was originally going to return for the show.

However, she dropped out of the cast this week, and due to that, Big Brother 23’s Derek Frazier was also dropped from the cast.

gamervev tweets the challenge 38 spoilers
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, GamerVev mentioned some of the other prospective teammates considered for Da’Vonne on Season 38.

They included fellow Big Brother star Josh Martinez or one of Da’Vonne’s newer MTV co-stars, Ray Gantt or David Barta from Ex on the Beach 5.

gamervev shares tweet for the challenge season 38 rumors
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Da’Vonne, who originally appeared on CBS’ Big Brother, joined The Challenge for the Final Reckoning season, where she teamed up with fellow BB star Jozea Flores. She returned for The Challenge: War of the Worlds, which featured Josh Martinez joining the cast.

Da’Vonne nearly reached the final in her second season, only to miss out on it due to falling short in the daily challenge, which was a purge situation just ahead of the final. Her returning to The Challenge would’ve been a major surprise for fans waiting for the Big Brother star to show up again.

Season 38 to feature unique theme for The Challenge

Based on other pre-Challenge season speculation, the show’s newest season will feature a “Ride or Dies” theme where male and female castmates are paired up with people considered to be their allies.

At a Vevmo forum thread focused on Challenge spoilers, there are only five cast members listed as potentials for the show, as the list continues to be whittled down ahead of filming. Among those cast members are Josh Martinez, Tori Deal, Melissa Reeves, and Brad Fiorenza.

Other cast members could include some first-time reality TV stars who have yet to make an appearance on any show. These could consist of cast members’ boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, friends, or family members.

Previous seasons of The Challenge included Spies, Lies & Allies and Double Agents, both of which had a spy or secret agent theme. There were also three seasons called Rivals, featuring teammates who were considered fierce rivals based on their reality TV or social media history.

The Ride or Dies theme seems like an interesting concept, but one must wonder if it means there’s some major twist in store for the cast members during the season to shake things up. It wouldn’t be The Challenge without a twist or two, right?

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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