Da’Vonne Rogers reacts to Ex on the Beach Season 5 drama involving Jamar Lee

davonne rogers with jamar lee on ex on the beach 5
Jamar Lee and Da’Vonne Rogers on Ex on the Beach Season 5. Pic credit: MTV

Reality TV star Da’Vonne Rogers continues to bring the entertainment with her latest show, MTV’s Ex on the Beach Season 5. In just the second episode, Da’Vonne was among the featured stars as she explored how her ex did her dirty.

The episode included someone from ex Jamar Lee’s past showing up to bring some revelations to Da’Vonne, resulting in the former Big Brother and The Challenge star blowing up.

As the episode aired and she was able to take in the various scenes, Da’Vonne gave her reactions to what went down in Ex on the Beach Season 5, Episode 2.

Ex on the Beach 5, Episode 2 featured Da’Vonne seeing Jamar’s ways

With Ex on the Beach 5, 10 singles on the beach are exploring their past relationships and possibly re-kindling things with their exes or finding new romance.

Episode 2 of the season featured several cast members in the spotlight, including Double Shot at Love’s Derryn Paige with her ex Ricky Rogers and Da’Vonne with her ex, Jamar Lee.

Jamar originally appeared on Big Brother Canada, while Da’Vonne was in several seasons of the US version of Big Brother and MTV’s The Challenge. The two formed a long-distance relationship.

However, according to Da’Vonne, Jamar hooked up with castmate Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao during his Big Brother Canada season. Much to his dismay, Minh-Ly arrived in Episode 2 to spill some tea for Da’Vonne.

In one scene, Da’Vonne and Minh-Ly had finished talking about how Jamar told her Da’Vonne was obsessed with him, and he didn’t even really like her. After their chat, Da’Vonne told Minh-Ly it was time to “go get his a**,” which she did.

“I am a motherf***ing queen. Don’t you ever in your life think that I would be obsessed with you,” she said in a confessional about Jamar. “I stepped down off of my pedestal to date you. So the fact that you think that you can tell somebody that you had me on lock. You done lost your damn mind.”

Da’Vonne then gave Jamar a piece of her mind in front of their castmates, telling him repeatedly that she was “done” with him to the point MTV included a “Done” counter on-screen to tally the number of times she said it.

davonne rogers tweets about eotb 5 ep 2
Pic credit: @DayDaVonne_/Twitter

Da’Vonne reacts to EOTB 5, Episode 2

In part of Da’Vonne’s exploration of Jamar’s shady ways with her, she realized he was on a bus for eight hours, and she delivered more confessional gold regarding that detail she learned about.

After a fan shared a clip of Da’Vonne’s line from the episode, she retweeted it with “Period !!” and crying laughing emojis.

As the episode continued, viewers saw that Da’Vonne said she was officially done with Jamar due to his cheating and how he treated her. She told him she couldn’t even be friends with someone like that.

On Twitter, she also informed viewers and fans that “those tears were real” that she showed in the episode, and there wasn’t any acting going on in the mirror room, as their friendship was officially over.

“And I was sad about it because I did consider him to be my friend…BUT I wish him well …life goes on,” she tweeted.

davonne tweets about jamar lee on twitter
Pic credit: @DayDaVonne_/Twitter

Now that Da’Vonne’s officially done with Jamar, it should be interesting to see what happens next for them in the upcoming Ex on the Beach 5 episodes. Da’Vonne can move on, but Jamar has two exes to worry about, as Minh-Ly is now part of the cast.

Ex on the Beach Season 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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