The Challenge rumors: All Stars OG could release tell-all book about rival castmates

cast members from first season of the challenge all stars
One of The Challenge: All Stars could be writing a tell-all book with details about several castmates. Pic credit: Paramount+

Could one of MTV’s iconic reality TV stars be releasing a tell-all book, spilling the tea about some rival castmates? It could be on the way based on recent messages from one of their good friends.

The Challenge: All Stars’ first season featured many of the biggest OGs from the history of MTV’s Real World and Road Rules, including Mark Long, Trishelle Cannatella, Syrus Yarbrough, and Beth Stolarczyk.

Beth is well known for some rivalries with several castmates over the years from The Challenge, and she could be preparing a book about several of the All Stars OGs.

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The Challenge: All Stars OG could release a tell-all book

In the first season of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars, Beth Stolarczyk returned for the competition series after about 15 years away from reality TV. She went into elimination twice, with the first one an easy victory as she didn’t have to compete due to her opponent, Arissa Hill, quitting the game on the spot.

She’d returned to the elimination again, this time partnered with Syrus Yarbrough, due to their poor performance in the daily challenge. Unfortunately, Alton Williams and Aneesa Ferreira ended their time on the show with a win in the elimination event.

Beth didn’t return for the cast of All Stars 2 or 3. Two of her biggest potential rivals in Challenge history are on the All Stars 3 season, though.

Longtime fans of the MTV show have seen that infamous scene where Beth’s castmate Tina Bridges punched her after a daily event, resulting in Tina getting sent home.

In recent years, Beth’s also had beef with castmate Veronica Portillo, which has spilled over to podcast comments and social media remarks.

Based on some recent tweets, one of Beth’s good friends hinted that The Challenge OG is going to put out a book focused on what she has to say about her castmates, Tina and Veronica.

The Challenge superfan @jaychallenge37 shared screenshots of various tweets with Tina asking if anyone’s noticed a lot of “a** kissing” for The Challenge: All Stars lately and her best friend bringing up the book.

“It will be brutally candid,” Beth’s friend said in a private tweet, suggesting the book could have some major revelations about castmates.

all stars og could be prepping tell all book
Pic credit: @jaychallenge37/Instagram

Veronica and Tina react to Beth’s potential book

Current All Stars 3 cast members Veronica and Tina learned of the potential tell-all book from their castmate, most likely through fans informing them.

Taking to her Twitter on Friday, Veronica fired off a tweet in which she called her former castmate a liar, saying that makes the tell-all book sound like a great idea.

Her good friend Tina reacted with a smirking face emoji, most likely because she was in agreement with her about Beth’s potential book.

veronica portillo and tina bridges react to tell all book from og castmate
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Beth and Veronica were castmates during three seasons of The Challenge, including Battle of the Seasons in 2002, Battle of the Sexes, and The Inferno II. Tina was also on that Inferno II season with them and appeared in The Duel season with Beth.

The infamous punch occurred as Beth continued to talk trash and rile up her castmate following a daily event that was initially supposed to be about celebrating a beautiful moment for their castmate, Diem Brown.

Last July, Tina responded to a fan online, saying she didn’t regret punching her castmate. In addition, Beth and Veronica have commented about one another on social media, indicating their rivalry is far from over.

At one point ahead of The Challenge: All Stars 3 filming, fans thought there might be a possibility that the women were castmates, but only Tina and Veronica made the final cast.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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Lots of assumptions in this article. You didn’t reach out to ask me for any comment or seek context which seems rather irresponsible to me.