The Challenge OG replies to fan about punching castmate: ‘I still don’t regret that’

the challenge duel cast members beth stolarczyk and tina barta
Two Challenge OGs had a heated altercation during The Duel season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge has featured more than a few incidents over the years where cast members have erupted on their castmates and went beyond simply screaming and yelling swears or insults.

For some of the incidents, it even reached a boiling point with physical violence, resulting in one or both cast members having to be disqualified from the show.

In response to a fan recently bringing up seeing one of those incidents on a past Challenge season, the cast member who threw a punch replied, admitting they “still don’t regret” doing it.

Fan brings up physical incident from Challenge history

Many fans enjoy watching older seasons of The Challenge, sometimes as a refresher or other times for the first time, thanks to streaming options. One fan recently tweeted online that they were getting to watch The Challenge season, The Duel II.

It took place in Brazil and aired on MTV back in 2007. The Duel II featured a who’s who of Challenge OGs, including Wes Bergmann, CT Tamburello, Aneesa Ferreira, Johnny Bananas, Derrick Kosinski, and Beth Stolarczyk.

Beth was involved in the infamous punching incident as she got castmate Tina Barta riled up to the point that Tina had enough. She delivered a punch to her castmate, and as fans know, the staff doesn’t take that lightly, even more so now. Tina was kicked off that season in the second episode, and that was the last time she appeared on MTV’s show.

“I am rewatching @MTVsChallenges and @TinaBarta just punched Beth and I remember watching this and SCREAMING ‘THANK YOU TINA’ cause she did what EVERYONE wanted to do !!!!!!!!” a fan tweeted in late June.

challenge fan tweets about punch on duel ii
Pic credit: @StephDuras/Twitter

It seems that just recently, Tina took notice of the tweet which had her name tagged and gave a response to the fan, letting them know she doesn’t regret doing that one bit.

“Dude, I still don’t regret that s**t. I do wish I was able to handle my frustration in a healthier and more mature way but DAMN did it feel F** GUD!” Tina replied to the tweet.

tina barta tweets reply to fan about the challenge punch
Pic credit: @TinaBarta/Twitter

What happened in The Duel incident?

The incident arrived moments after competitors finished a daily challenge, and Diem Brown was having an emotional moment. However, a different sort of moment evolved between castmates Tina and Beth.

Footage showed Beth and Tina talking trash from a distance. In a confessional, Beth explained Tina rushed up to her, saying, “Don’t f**k with me b***h.”

In more of the incident, Beth went back over to Tina to keep the argument going. Tina told Beth to stand back, or she’d punch her. Beth asked her if she wanted to get kicked off.

“I would love to get kicked off for you,” Tina said to Beth’s face.

That’s exactly what happened, as Tina ultimately hauled off and punched Beth in the face. Tina was removed from the show, and there was no women’s elimination in the next episode due to that. Beth would continue in the season but ultimately was disqualified in elimination and sent home.

Fans can see the infamous incident on The Challenge Season 13, in Episode 2, with the aftermath of the incident in Episode 3. The Duel II episodes are currently available for on-demand streaming via Paramount Plus, home of the All Stars spinoff.

Beth returned for All Stars, but will Tina appear in future season?

As many fans have seen by now, the first season of Paramount Plus’ spinoff show, The Challenge: All Stars, brought back 22 OG competitors, including Beth Stolarczyk.

Beth was involved in at least one hostile incident, this time as she prepared to face Arissa Hill in elimination. Arissa was fuming when her castmates voted her in to face Beth and asked TJ Laving if boxing was an option.

Eventually, Arissa gave a speech to her castmates, full of expletives and calling them out for being fake. She stormed off, quitting the elimination in one of the major moments during the early episodes.

Due to Arissa’s quitting, Beth survived the elimination by default or was able to stay in the game. However, she’d later go back into elimination, this time due to being one of the worst-performing competitors in the daily challenge, alongside Syrus Yarbrough.

The duo went up against a tough team in Alton Williams and Aneesa Ferreira, who won the elimination event, sending Beth and Syrus home.

While no official announcement has been made regarding a second season of The Challenge: All Stars, most fans believe it will happen. There are also online spoiler reports giving a shortlist of cast members.

Surprisingly, it seems there’s a chance that Tina Barta may return to TV screens for The Challenge spinoff. However, it doesn’t look like Beth is on the cast with her just yet.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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