The Challenge rookie Emy Alupei releases her Alien music video, castmates react to song and visuals

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The Challenge rookie Emy Alupei has released a music video for her song called Alien. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies features many talented rookies competing for the big prize money, some of whom are dancers or singers.

Among them is Emy Alupei, who competed on Survivor Romania and the reality talent show X-Factor, also in Romania.

Her singing career has continued beyond appearing on the X Factor show, and she recently released a new music video for her song Alien.

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The music video drop brought many of her castmates from The Challenge to react to the new song and video.

Emy Alupei’s music video arrives for Alien

From Survivor to The Challenge to dazzling music videos, Emy Alupei is certainly multi-talented beyond competition shows. On Tuesday, September 14, she officially released the video for her song Alien on her official YouTube channel.

The music video checks in at over three and a half minutes and features colorful and futuristic visuals to accompany her lyrics.

“I’m an alien. I’m an alien. I feel so alone right here. I’m an alien. I’m an alien. Wish I could disappear,” Emy sings in the chorus before starting her rap verse.

She appears in a variety of outfits and hairstyles throughout. One of Emy’s unique looks has her donning longer green hair as she seems to be pestered by the media and flashing cameras.

In other scenes, she has blue hair with different color butterflies mixed in to give another alien vibe as she moves around through tubes, wires, and other objects one might see in a sci-fi movie.

The video below also includes the complete song lyrics on YouTube, which feature some interesting wordplay.

“I’m outta suit I’m outta dough/I’m out again, but I have to go/I’m gonna split you mozzarella/Smooth killer like Nutella,” she raps in one verse.


Emy also mentions Al Pacino, Cappucino, Valhalla, and Santana in other parts of her verse, showing her ability to intermix pop culture references.

Interestingly, The Challenge Season 37, Episode 6, is called Alien, seeming to refer to Emy’s new song. It seems it may be featured in that episode or another, as her hashtags in the music video description include “#mtvsoundtrack” and “#TheChallenge37.”

Emy’s Challenge castmates react to new music video

As of this report, Emy’s music video for Alien has over 8,000 views, 1,000 Likes, and 200 comments. Many of the YouTube comments are in Romanian, as one would expect since Emy’s fanbase is largely there right now.

She also announced her song and music video on her official Instagram page. It currently has over 187,000 followers, including her Challenge castmates.

Several of her Spies, Lies & Allies castmates dropped by to congratulate Emy or give her compliments on the new video. That included Nam Vo, who left Season 37 early, but likely still got to spend some time getting to know his international castmate.

the challenge nam vo reacts to emy alupei music video
Pic credit: @emyalupei/Instagram

Nelson Thomas also showed some love, even letting Emy know that he was using their rookie castmate Gabo Szabo’s fist pump to enjoy the song.

nelson thomas the challenge comments emy alupei ig post
Pic credit: @emyalupei/Instagram

The Challenge vet Amanda Garcia appears to be a fan of her rookie castmate as she called Emy “f****n amazing” in her comment on the IG post.

the challenge star amanda garcia leaves comment emy alupei
Pic credit: @emyalupei/Instagram

Fellow rookie Hughie Maughan, who became Emy’s teammate by default at the end of Episode 5, called her work “Amazing.”

hughie maughan the challenge comments emy alupei ig post
Pic credit: @emyalupei/Instagram

In Episode 5, viewers saw Emy teamed up with fellow rookie Gabo Szabo. Early in the episode, she spoke to Gabo about nobody caring about them as rookies.

She blew up later at her teammate after they couldn’t complete the daily challenge, and later they decided it was best to try to get new veteran teammates. However, Gabo found himself eliminated in another all-rookie battle, as Logan Sampedro defeated him.

Once Logan chose to steal Nany Gonzalez as his teammate from Hughie, it meant Emy became Hughie’s new teammate, creating the only rookie-rookie team ahead of Episode 6.

That most likely means they’ll have targets on them as cast members determine who to vote into the elimination. Most likely, Emy will again feel alienated by many of her castmates and now has a catchy theme song to go with it.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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