The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia unfollows castmate, reacts to rumored comment about her relationship

the challenge star amanda garcia durirng spies lies and allies confessional
Amanda Garcia of The Challenge has unfollowed her Spies, Lies & Allies castmate recently. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Amanda Garcia returned with a vengeance on the Spies, Lies & Allies season and now seems to have disconnected from a new friend.

While she hasn’t won any daily challenges, been in elimination, or had a ton of screentime, she’s certainly been spilling the tea about castmates’ antics and actions for Season 37.

While she seemed to have made some new friends out of rookies on the Spies, Lies & Allies cast, it looks like Amanda has now unfollowed one in particular and called out a since-deleted comment.

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Amanda unfollowed her Challenge castmate

The Challenge superfan and insider accounts don’t miss much online, and one was able to quickly realize that Amanda had unfollowed her castmate, Michele Fitzgerald.

The Instagram account @jaychallenge._ revealed a screenshot on Sunday evening (September 12) showing that @mich_fitz was not found as one of the people that Amanda follows.

The decision must’ve happened recently on Amanda’s part, as the two were friends through the first several episodes of the Spies, Lies & Allies season. They were also part of each other’s Instagram Live chats and discussed various gossip about the season.

the challenge star amanda garcia unfollowed her castmate
Pic credit: @ jaychallenge._/Instagram

However, some of that gossip included another castmate they seemed to have in common, Fessy Shafaat. They each spoke about their situations with Fessy on different IG Live chats.

Basically, Fessy was part of a showmance and had hookups with Amanda while filming Season 37. Once filming had ended, a group of Challenge castmates headed to New York to film footage for The Challenge Aftermath episodes.

That included Fessy, Amanda, and Michele. During the trip, Fessy and Michele are rumored to have roomed together and possibly done more. However, based on comments during an IG Live chat, Michele told Amanda that she and Fessy kissed.

During an Aftermath episode, Devyn Simone asked Michele and Fessy about their situation. They claimed they were just friends.

Amanda reacts to rumored deleted comment by Michele

Fast forward to this past weekend, and Amanda’s relationship with Fessy seemed to be officially confirmed. Both she and the former Big Brother star shared photos and video clips of a trip they took to Mexico on their Instagram accounts.

That trip involved several smooches during the romantic getaway, as well as photos of them in swimwear as they enjoyed the beaches and water.

It brought plenty of reactions from castmates, including a comment from Michele, which a fan claimed has been deleted.

Based on the fan’s comment, Michele tweeted on the night that Amanda shared an IG Story slide about her vacation with Fessy.

“Wishing you love and light on *that* journey, hunny ?,” the fan claims Michele tweeted, but then quickly deleted soon after.

the challenge fan comments about michele deleted comment for fessy amanda relationship
Pic credit: @jaychallenge._/Instagram

Amanda follows several of The Challenge superfan and insider accounts on her social media, including @jaychallenge._, so the fan’s comment got her attention.

“Oh really??? Lol add that to the list of fake s**t she’s done. Pfffff it’s never ending bruhhhh,” Amanda replied.

the challenge star amanda garcia reacts to fan comment about castmate tweet
Pic credit: @jaychallenge._/Instagram

Based on Amanda’s reaction to the Instagram comment, there’s probably much more to the story. As viewers saw, Michele departed from her rookie season on The Challenge Season 37, Episode 4, as she and castmate Corey Lay were eliminated.

Following the elimination, Michele received a goodbye hug and kiss from her showmance, rookie Emanuel Neagu, who also yelled “Love you Michele” before she exited The Lair.

During an IG Live chat she hosted with castmates Amanda and Ashley Mitchell, Michele admitted she wouldn’t mind having another season with Emanuel as she expressed interest in her castmate, calling him “adorable.”

Just recently, she said she realized he had a girlfriend, so they are just friends. However, she said she was “a bit hurt” upon first learning of that.

As far as her story with Fessy goes, that’s still unclear, but it’s possible that since Fessy began dating Amanda, she got more details about what happened between him and Michele. Fans will certainly be interested to hear what comes out of the Spies, Lies & Allies reunion once it films.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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