The Challenge rumors: Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat confirm relationship, castmates react to reveal

the challenge amanda garcia and fessy shafaat together in mexico
The Challenge stars Fessy Shafaat and Amanda Garcia together in Mexico. Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

After weeks of speculation that they might be dating after The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies filming ended, Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat may have officially confirmed they’re together.

The two were shown in a few scenes early during Season 37, revealing a possible showmance between the two. However, comments from Amanda over the past several weeks seemed to indicate she wasn’t interested in him beyond those hookups.

Now that appears to have changed, as the two have each shared social media posts with fans, seemingly revealing a relationship.

Amanda shares photos of romantic trip with Fessy

In the past week, speculation started that Amanda and Fessy were on vacation together in Mexico. The first evidence that sparked rumors involved Amanda’s IG Story, where she showed a few video clips inside a restaurant as a server prepared her salad.

The second of her videos showed someone’s arms and hands as they were cutting up the salad, with Amanda referring to them as “bae” in her text on the IG Story slide.

That photo didn’t really prove much, but a newer photo arrived in which Fessy was posing side-by-side with Amanda in what appeared to be a fan’s selfie.

On Saturday, Amanda and Fessy decided to let everyone know what was up. Amanda shared a series of photos from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. In the first, Fessy is holding her in his arms as they enjoy a kiss in the water.

The series of photos and videos below show the castmates side-by-side for other parts of their trip, toasting one another, and a video showing them kissing at a table.

“I found something special in Mexico,” Amanda’s caption says, seeming to indicate she fell for her castmate.

Fessy also shares photos with Amanda from Mexico

Fessy, who had been linked to castmates Gabby Allen and Tori Deal from his Double Agents season, seems to be fully into Amanda, who he became castmates with for the first time on Spies, Lies & Allies.

He also shared an Instagram post (below), which included several of the photos that Amanda shared in her post.

“It’s something about you but I really can’t explain it,” the two-time Challenge finalist shared in his caption.

Weeks ahead of the Spies, Lies & Allies season, rumors had arrived about Fessy and Amanda’s showmance. Once a trailer arrived showing a kiss, it further confirmed they at least enjoyed some time together on Season 37.

However, other rumors suggested that Fessy may have hooked up or been briefly involved with rookie castmate Bettina Buchanan. Amanda mentioned it during an IG Live she hosted over a week ago with Fessy, also part of the chat.

Their castmate Michele Fitzgerald hopped on that chat to discuss how she and Fessy roomed together in NYC while filming Aftermath episodes for Season 37. Michele and Fessy maintained they were just friends.

A few weeks before that chat, Amanda talked about Fessy in an IG Live hosted by rookie castmate Michele Fitzgerald, which also included Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell. At that time, Amanda insisted that she and Fessy were only friends and said she “humped him and dumped him” after the show.

During the Aftermath episode that MTV released a week ago, Amanda compared Fessy to Thanksgiving appetizers that everyone passes around to take a bit of. That Aftermath also included Fessy seated next to Michele, with host Devyn Simone trying to find out if they were together.

Castmates react to relationship reveal

Despite Amanda’s other comments, it seems the relationship with Fessy is official. Many of her and Fessy’s castmates from The Challenge commented about the reveal. Here are some of the more notable comments.

Just before Spies, Lies & Allies began airing on MTV, Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez confirmed they were in a relationship. Kaycee stopped by her friend Fessy’s IG post to show some love.

kaycee clark comments on fessy ig post
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

As Challenge fans probably know, Amanda and Fessy have several people in common. Amanda is good friends with Nelson Thomas, whom Fessy “blindsided” at elimination on Double Agents. The season’s reunion showed the fallout from that. It continued a bit on-screen during an early Spies, Lies & Allies episode.

Nelson may not be holding too much of a grudge against Fessy, although his comment suggests he needs to “think really hard” about approving them as a couple.

nelson thomas the challenge leaves ig comment for fessy
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

Kyle has been Amanda’s teammate so far on the Spies, Lies & Allies season. He didn’t shy away from giving his comedic commentary on the relationship, suggesting that “Agent Amanda” was doing it for the team to gain Fessy’s trust long term in The Challenge.

kyle christie of the challenge comments fessy ig post
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram

Amanda and Fessy’s rookie castmate Hughie Maughan has already agreed to participate in the wedding, claiming his spot with an IG comment.

challenge rookie hughie maughan comments amanda ig post
Pic credit: @mtv_amanda/Instagram

Devin Walker seems to have dubbed Amanda and Fessy as the next Challenge power couple, following in the footsteps of Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello. Whether or not that happens in futures seasons remains to be seen.

devin walker of the challenge comments about castmates relationship
Pic credit: @mtv_amanda/Instagram

Nonetheless, most of Amanda and Fessy’s castmates seem to be fully embracing their relationship reveal. Other supportive comments arrived from Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Kam Williams, Ashley Mitchell, Wes Bergmann, Josh Martinez, and Aneesa Ferreira.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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