The Challenge Season 37 rookie says he’s ‘fed up’ and can’t wait for Spies, Lies & Allies reunion

members of the challenge spies lies and allies cast at elimination
The Challenge cast members await the Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 5 elimination. Pic credit: MTV

Several of The Challenge rookies are getting fed up with their castmates now that they’ve been able to watch back the first five episodes of the Spies, Lies & Allies season.

After Episode 5 aired, a war of words erupted online between two rookie castmates, with one telling the other to “talk less” about her and saying she didn’t consider the other a friend now.

Now another rookie featured in a dramatic scene in the fifth episode seems to have some things to say about his castmates, which is likely to intrigue fans as to who and what he’s referring to.

Spies, Lies & Allies episode featured deliberation drama

From the premiere episode, viewers got to see the entertaining new rookie Hughie Maughan, who originally appeared on Big Brother UK. Paired up with two-time champion Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, it made for a comedic duo who argued like an older married couple.

However, circumstances changed, and Hughie had to go into an elimination alongside Amber Borzotra. They would grab victory against Corey Lay and Michele Fitzgerald. With the win, Hughie and Amber each decided to steal new partners.

Amber chose Devin Walker thinking it would be a good move to keep her safe. It also created an all-rookie team of Emy Alupei and Gabo Szabo. That was right after Hughie stole Nany Gonzalez from Gabo, another well-connected vet he felt could keep him safe in the game.

They worked as partners through Episode 4, with Nany seeming to be a good coach for Hughie. However, Gabo realized he wanted his original teammate back and wanted to win her back by winning an elimination.

When Gabo pointed that out during the cast’s deliberation to decide which rookies to vote into elimination, it created an altercation as Hughie became passionate over his partner. He ended up yelling at Gabo and standing on his chair, causing a dramatic scene for a while until castmates calmed him down.

Hughie tweets about castmates, ready for reunion

On Thursday afternoon, the day after Season 37, Episode 5 premiered on MTV, Hughie took to his Twitter to say he’d had enough with some of what’s going on.

“Can I just say something, I’ve kept quiet and been neutral for so long, I’m f***ing fed up of the two-faced rogues in the challenge house, I’m fed up of it now, I can’t f***ing wait for the reunion, I am real Reversed hand with middle finger extended. I am dramatic but I’m a legend also and your jealous #TheChallenge37,” Hughie tweeted.

the challenge rookie hughie maughan tweets about spies lies and allies
Pic credit: @hughie_maughan/Twitter

Several superfans on Twitter attempted to get names from Hughie, but he wouldn’t divulge any yet, as he previously said he’s waiting on the reunion. However, he mentioned that the airing of the episodes brought up some things he forgot from his time filming The Challenge.

the challenge season 37 hughie maughan tweets about castmates
Pic credit: @hughie_maughan/Twitter

Luckily, at least one castmate seems to be in the clear. A fan suggested that it might be Tori Deal that Hughie’s talking about, but he said she “was a good friend” to him on the show.

rookie hughie maughan the challenge tweets about tori deal
Pic credit: @hughie_maughan/Twitter

As the deliberation scene aired for Episode 5, Hughie’s rookie castmate Esther Agunbiade was shown in a confessional saying she thinks Hughie is “just really dramatic.”

“Sit your a** down. You took his partner. He wants to go down there and get his partner back. Deal with it,” she said in the confessional.

Whether or not Hughie is referring to Esther remains to be seen. He seems on good terms with other castmates, including Nany, Ashley, Amanda Garcia, and even Corey Lay, with whom he got into a brief altercation after their elimination event.

For now, fans will have to wait for the reunion to film to start getting potential tea about any cast members Hughie called out.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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