The Challenge rumors: Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark comment on their Season 37 relationship

nany gonzalez with castmate kaycee clark of the challenge
Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark recently commented on their Season 37 situation. Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

The Challenge rumors about Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark dating were kicked up a notch with recent social media posts and footage shown in the Spies, Lies & Allies trailer.

The trailer for the upcoming 37th season of MTV’s The Challenge featured several castmates kissing, including Kaycee and Nany, who many viewers suspect began dating before or during the recent filming.

Now, the two castmates have commented on the situation with their relationship as The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies is under a month away from its premiere episode.

Kaycee and Nany exploring ‘undeniable connection’ in Season 37

Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark made her debut on The Challenge with Season 35, Total Madness. During that season, she had a girlfriend back home away from the show, but she and Nany became close.

A spotlight was put on Nany’s crush on Kaycee along with some of the drama it caused with other castmates. Those castmates included Nany’s friend Aneesa Ferreira and Kaycee’s friend from Big Brother, Bayleigh Dayton.

Nany and Kaycee weren’t necessarily featured in many scenes involving their relationship or alliance on Season 36, Double Agents. Both women reached the final, with Kaycee suffering that horrific leg injury. Nany came in third place with the retiring Leroy Garrett.

Challenge fans began to suspect that Kaycee broke up with her girlfriend this past March, due to their social media activity. That may have been due to claims that Tayler Jimenez made recently on social media about text messages Nany sent Kaycee. It appears that allowed Kaycee to fully explore a relationship with Nany.

Nany told E! News since meeting on the Total Madness season, she and Kaycee have remained “allies in the game” and still had a “good friendship.” It’s their “undeniable connection” that will be explored in Season 37.

The Spies, Lies & Allies trailer certainly lets fans know some of what to expect between the two castmates.

“We’ve always been allies in the game and have maintained a very good friendship since, but there was always an undeniable connection between the two of us. I think this upcoming season of The Challenge is where we really explore what that connection is and what it means,” Nany told E! News recently.

Kaycee mentioned that normally she’s just in “compete mode” and that’s usually her main focus when she’s on The Challenge. However, things were different for her with Season 37.

“So this time around, playing the game while getting closer to someone is a whole different vibe and I love it. The Challenge is a really hard game mentally, emotionally and physically so having someone like Nany by my side while playing this game means a lot. She’s a bada**,” Kaycee shared.

Castmates praise one another’s top qualities

In additional comments they made to E! News, Kaycee and Nany shared what they appreciate most about the other. For Nany, she admitted she loves watching Kaycee compete because she’s like a “superhero” and there’s nothing she won’t do. However, Nany gushed there’s more to her castmate and “close friend” beyond that.

“On a personal level, I love how genuine and kindhearted she is to everyone she meets. She is truly beautiful inside and out,” Nany told E! News.

Kaycee mentioned that nobody should underestimate Nany in terms of competitors on The Challenge. She said she also loves “how caring and real Nany is.”

“She is not afraid to express herself, which I respect so much. She’s such a beautiful soul that I am so grateful to have met through this crazy game. She amazes me every day,” Kaycee said of her castmate.

Are Kaycee and Nany dating now?

Based on recent social media shares, they vacationed a bit in Ibiza, and Kaycee has visited Nany. Now it appears Nany has returned the favor. She recently hopped on a flight to see Kaycee in California, based on her IG Story.

In another video clip, Nany is seated next to Kaycee in the dark. Her castmate kisses her on the cheek in a playful fashion. Not quite the same as what was shown in the Season 37 trailer, but certainly a sign of affection.

kaycee kisses nany on ig story
PIc credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram Story

While they didn’t openly admit to a relationship in their comments to E! News, the two appear to be making visits to see one another. So it appears these two have something going on, based on what they’re sharing on social media.

In addition, Kaycee’s ex-girlfriend Tayler Jimenez commented on social media following the release of the Season 37 trailer with that kiss footage. Tayler seemed to infer she and Kaycee broke up earlier this year due to text messages she discovered from Nany to Kaycee. Those were discovered apparently after Tayler said Kaycee told her not to worry about things happening with Nany.

Viewers will get more of the story of how the Nany and Kaycee relationship unfolds as the Spies, Lies & Allies season arrives. However, the two may also share more teases or details on their social media in the coming weeks.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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