The Challenge rumors: Double Agents castmates seem to have confirmed they are dating, co-stars react

the challenge double agents cast members dating
Cast members from the Total Madness season of The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Two of the stars from MTV’s recent seasons of The Challenge including Double Agents and Total Madness may have confirmed they are now dating.

Fans were putting two and two together over the past week or so, but now one cast member may have officially revealed that they are a couple, thanks to a series of photos.

A brand new set of social media images seemingly confirms the relationship, which began several seasons ago on MTV’s reality competition series.

Did Total Madness and Double Agents co-stars go public?

In a photo posted by The Real World: Las Vegas and Challenge veteran, Nany Gonzalez, she’s posing with a smirk on her face side-by-side with Kaycee Clark, who is all smiles herself.

Nany simply used the word “magnetic” in her caption for the two photos of her and Kaycee sitting with one another at an unknown location.

Based on recent social media posts, the two Challenge stars were vacationing together in Ibiza, as were other castmates including Josh Martinez, Nelson Thomas, and Tori Deal.

Kaycee was among the many people commenting on the above photo, seeming to use emojis to express her affection towards Nany.

kaycee clark the challenge comments nany photos
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

In a separate photo that Nany posted on her IG Story (below), she and Kaycee are hanging out with their castmate Tori Deal. In this image, Nany and Kaycee are all smiles side by side with one another.

The speculation of Nany and Kaycee’s relationship arrives not long after a rumored screenshot of text messages from months ago popped up between Kaycee and her ex-girlfriend Taylor Jimenez. In the angry exchange of messages, Taylor was telling Kaycee she was done with her and to “go date that b***h,” seemingly referring to Nany.

The texts were rumored to have occurred when Kaycee and Taylor broke up months ago, which has seemingly led to this new Challenge relationship. The two have known each other for several seasons now, although very little was shown of the blossoming relationship between them on Double Agents. It’s possible the two were able to get to know each other better after filming ended, or footage was never shown during Season 36.

Castmates react to The Challenge stars’ possible relationship

With the images above posted on Nany’s official Instagram page came plenty of reactions, and not only from fans. Several of Nany and Kaycee’s castmates, or other Challenge cast members commented.

Nany and Kaycee originally met during The Challenge: Total Madness season, which featured castmates having to live underground in a bunker when they weren’t competing in challenges or eliminations. Castmate Wes Bergmann was there for that and feels it has the makings of an epic love story.

wes bergmann comments the challenge dating photos
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

Jemmye Carroll, fresh off her All Stars spinoff season, has been castmates with Nany, but never Kaycee. However, she’s likely familiar with her as a fan of the show and as friends with other castmates.

“Finally,” Jemmye commented along with a heart emoji for the two Challenge stars. Jemmye, who has a subscriber-based Patreon, tends to know most of the gossip surrounding the show, so she may have insight into the relationship too.

jemmye carroll comments on any kaycee photos
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

Kyle Christie has been a castmate of Nany and Kaycee on the Total Madness and Double Agents seasons, so he’s seen it all, including the drama involving Kaycee, Nany, and Bayleigh Dayton.

“My girls,” Kyle wrote to his Double Agents co-stars in the comments.

kyle christie the challenge reacts to nany kaycee photos
Pic credit: @nanyarmen/Instagram

Amber Borzotra was one of the winners of Double Agents. During her time on the season, she was seemingly in an alliance and friendship with Kaycee Clark, a fellow Big Brother star. Amber and Nany also became friends during the season.

amber borzotra the challenge comments on nany and kaycee
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

Nany’s close friends during The Challenge: Total Madness were also Kailah Casillas and Jenna Compono. They were dubbed as the Holy Trinity in terms of their friendship and alliance. Jenna and Kailah each left comments in support of their Challenge co-stars.

jenna compono of the challenge comments on nany ig photos
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

“Cuties ?,” Kailah wrote in rhyming fashion with her friend from the Total Madness’ Holy Trinity.

kailah casillas of the challenge comments nany ig post
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

“Omg aww Nans,” commented her castmate Laurel Stucky, last seen on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season.

laurel stucky instagram comment about nany and kaycee
Pic credit: @nanycarmen/Instagram

While there’s no official statement that the two are dating, the photos and several castmates’ comments seem to indicate that The Challenge stars are in a relationship with one another. In various spoiler reports, the two were together in Ibiza and now still hanging out together after that trip.

Their social media posts also arrive after the end of filming for Season 37 in Croatia. Most likely, more details could arrive as the buildup for The Challenge Season 37 starts in the coming weeks and months.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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