The Challenge: Kaycee Clark’s ex reacts after Kaycee shown kissing Nany Gonzalez in Season 37 trailer

the challenge season 37 trailer footage shows nany and kaycee kiss
A scene from The Challenge Season 37 trailer featuring cast members Nany Gonzalez, Kaycee Clark, and others. Pic credit: MTV

With the arrival of The Challenge Season 37 trailer came several bits of footage that quickly caught fans’ attention. In several scenes, cast members are shown locking lips, revealing potential showmances on the way.

One of those scenes involved castmates Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark kissing, which seems to line up with the recent revelation that the two Challenge stars are dating.

However, the footage also caught the attention of Kaycee Clark’s ex-girlfriend, who had a bit to say regarding why she broke up with the Double Agents finalist.

The Challenge Season 37 trailer revealed castmates kissing

While the first official Spies, Lies, & Allies trailer was nearly a minute and a half long, it packed plenty into it. There were scenes of potential injuries, eliminations, dramatic castmate blowups, and of course, a few hookups teased.

One scene showed Fessy Shafaat kissing a castmate, which could be returning star Amanda Garcia. In another scene, Nany Gonzalez is kissing her friend and castmate Kaycee Clark.

Based on Nany’s recent social media post, the two castmates appear to be dating, so that scene could be part of the buildup towards their official relationship. It’s possible they began dating before filming or as filming got underway.

Before meeting Nany Gonzalez on Total Madness season, former Big Brother star Kaycee was dating Tayler Jimenez. During Total Madness episodes, Nany and Kaycee were flirty together, with Nany developing a crush on her rookie castmate.

However, it was mentioned by Kaycee and castmates, including fellow Big Brother star Bayleigh Dayton, that Kaycee had a relationship back home. That even caused a blowup between Bayleigh and Kaycee in one episode. At one point, Bayleigh seemed to disown Kaycee as a friend over her lack of loyalty and some hurt feelings.

Things seemed to go sour with Kaycee’s off-TV relationship, and it appears that Nany may have been a big part of why Kaycee and Tayler broke up towards the end of the Double Agents season airing on MTV.

Kaycee Clark’s ex Tayler reacts to kissing scene

After The Challenge Season 37 trailer release, Kaycee’s ex-girlfriend took to Twitter and shared a message to present some of her side about why she and Kaycee broke up. She didn’t mention Nany Gonzalez by name, but it seems her tweet is about text messages Tayler saw between Nany and Kaycee.

“The one person she was so adamant on that I didn’t have to worry about ? fun fact: Kaycee and I broke up because I discovered disgustingly inappropriate text messages between her and that woman while we were STILL together dating all the way back to December in April,” Tayler tweeted.

tayler jimenez tweets about nany gonzalez kissing kaycee in the challenge season 37 trailer
Pic credit: @thattayfever/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Tayler had more to say about the situation, seemingly hurt over what transpired between her and Kaycee. She pointed out Kaycee should have just let her go the first time she wanted to leave.

“To have no respect for the person you’re laying next to each night and is taking care of the home you had together each time you left is just utterly disgusting. If you were that unhappy you should’ve let me go the first time I wanted to leave you after you f****d up,” Tayler tweeted.

Screenshot of Tayler Jimenez's tweets.
Pic credit: @thattayfever/Twitter

In late April of this year, Challenge fans began to speculate that Kaycee and Tayler had called it quits as the two stopped following one another on social media and removed posts featuring each other. That is sometimes an indicator of a rough breakup. Based on Tayler’s tweet above, her references to “The one person” and “that woman” seem to be about Nany.

Tayler also commented about Kaycee and Nany’s situation after the recent rumors and revealed on social media that the two Challenge stars were together.

So far, Kaycee and Nany haven’t shared anything about this situation involving Tayler or possible cheating. The Challenge Season 37, also known as Spies, Lies, & Allies, may tell more of the story of what happened with Nany, Kaycee, and Tayler, as episodes will begin on August 11.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies premiere date is Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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