The Challenge rumors: Spies, Lies & Allies castmates enjoy trip together, sparking more dating speculation

the challenge spies lies and allies cast members
Several cast members from The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies trailers arrived, viewers quickly saw footage of several hookups and showmance situations, including Nelson Thomas with Ashley Mitchell and Kaycee Clark with Nany Gonzalez.

Additionally, viewers saw that returning cast member Amanda Garcia shared a kissing scene with Fessy Shafaat, prompting many to wonder if they had a showmance.

They have been featured a bit during the first four episodes, but not much beyond the kiss they shared early on. That lack of footage of them, combined with Amanda’s recent comments, seemed to shut down any notion they were dating. Instead, it seemed like more of a hookup here or there– until recently.

Amanda and Fessy kept talking, meeting up after Season 37

MTV’s Season 37 of The Challenge brought back Amanda Garcia after several seasons away from the show. It was also her first time being on a season with former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat.

The two connected and at the very least kissed, based on the footage viewers have already seen in episodes. However, rumors arrived that Fessy was also hooking up with a rookie castmate, which hasn’t been shown in any footage.

After Spies, Lies & Allies filming ended, it appeared Amanda and Fessy’s relationship may have ended, but they reconnected on several more trips involving Challenge stars.

That included each of them traveling to NYC with other castmates (below) to film Aftermath episodes. It also included Amanda traveling to Texas to watch Fessy at the Big Brother celebrity boxing with other Challenge castmates.

Despite those trips, Amanda seemed to suggest the two wouldn’t ever date. Not only are they in different parts of the country, but she made it seem they’re not compatible as a couple.

During Amanda’s IG Live chat with castmates, she seemed to shut down any notion that she and Fessy would ever date because he’s a “reality TV boy.” She told her castmates that she “humped him and dumped him.”

She hosted another IG Live recently where she brought Fessy into the chat to discuss his unseen hookups from before and after the season. She also put him on the spot as she brought castmate Michele Fitzgerald into the live chat.

Not only did Amanda mention a potential hookup between her and Fessy in NYC, but she also indicated Fessy and Michele kissed there. She also confirmed Michele and Fessy took trips to visit one another in their hometowns after Season 37 filming ended.

Michele and Fessy both said they are “friends,” similarly to what Amanda has said about herself and Fessy. However, recent social media shares may tell a different story.

The Challenge castmates together in Mexico?

Evidence of a recent trip has started circulating, showing what many fans believe is the two castmates enjoying time together in Mexico. Amanda shared a few video clips on her IG Story of her at a restaurant. Another individual’s arms and hands are in the photo as he’s cutting up salad in one of them.

“Then bae chops it up for me. I’m spoiled,” Amanda wrote over her IG Story clip.

Amanda’s text on the photo below, where she refers to someone believed to be Fessy as “bae,” may spark further rumors that they are a couple. An emoji with hearts on the face may also suggest that she’s smitten with her castmate.

the challenge castmates together in mexico
Pic credit: @ jaychallenge._/Instagram Story

As mentioned, Amanda was part of an Instagram Live several weeks ago with her castmates Michele Fitzgerald and Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell. However, she said that she and Fessy were just “friends” after filming ended and seemed to maintain that stance over recent weeks.

The trip to Mexico may say otherwise, though. Until either of them confirm they’re more than friends, Challenge fans will be left wondering, probably until the Spies, Lies & Allies reunion films or someone spills the tea.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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