The Challenge: Laurel Stucky’s castmate ‘wants nothing to do with her’ after All Stars 4

laurel stucky face shot from the challenge all stars episode 12
The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky won All Stars 4, but lost several friends after the season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Laurel Stucky may have lost multiple friends following the filming of The Challenge: All Stars 4, as castmates decided they were no longer interested in a friendship with her.

She recently appeared in and won the spinoff’s final, featuring her showmance and ex, Nicole Zanatta, and friend-turned-rival Cara Maria Sorbello, among the eight finalists.

Throughout the season, Laurel’s storylines with Nicole and Cara intersected, including moments where Laurel and Cara clashed.

During the final, it came down to Laurel taking the lead over castmate Steve Meinke, with Cara also moving past Steve to finish second.

Laurel congratulated her castmate multiple times at the finish line during the episode’s final moments.

However, Laurel’s All Stars 4 season and victory didn’t come without some drawbacks, including one castmate claiming they “want nothing to do with her.”

The Challenge crowns All Stars 4 winner in the final after a Stars advantage

The Challenge: All Stars 4 wrapped up with Episode 12 and the final as eight competitors were vying for the top prize of $250,000.

Among those competitors were several MTV champions, Cara, Veronica Portillo, and Laurel.

During their various checkpoints and tasks, it appeared to be a battle between friends-turned-rivals Laurel and Cara.

However, Laurel gained an advantage in the game, as cast members who got eliminated during the final had to give their Stars to another player.

Due to her bonds with her castmates, Laurel ended up with four of them, which allowed her to move past certain stages of the final when it mattered most.

Ultimately, she reached the finish line ahead of Cara and Steve, claiming the top money prize. Fans slammed the All Stars 4 final and winner, although many will argue that “A win’s a win.”

However, Laurel’s season featured what some considered manipulative and shady gameplay to ensure Cara had a difficult time with almost nobody on her side in the house. According to Cara, she was “blind” to what was happening until she saw it unfold later in the episodes.

Cara says she’s done with Laurel after All Stars 4 season

As the All Stars 4 final episode aired on Paramount+, Cara shared that her friendship with Laurel is officially over. She acknowledged her castmate’s win and explained why she cut ties.

“She’s an incredibly toxic, manipulative, lying, horrible person who I want nothing to do with for the rest of my life,” Cara told In Touch Weekly.

Cara indicated that she’d finally been able to think more deeply about what Laurel had done to her during the season.

“The way that she treated me … I’m looking back on this and all she was doing that I was blind to [and] it’s gross,” she said.

“I didn’t know that she went into the season telling everyone not to work with me or not to talk to me or be around me and that I was a horrible person. I only knew that I was the shoulder she cried on. Then I saw the videos of her being behind everything and the animosity,” Cara shared.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes took a while to finally arrive on Paramount+, as production filmed the show over a year ago, but other new seasons of The Challenge aired first. Once All Stars 4 received the production edits, it was finally released.

Throughout the season, various castmates gave commentary in confessional interviews and seemed to slam Cara. A feud developed between Cara and castmate Kam Williams, whom Cara had been friends with due to boyfriend Paulie Calafiore.

Other castmates who made critical remarks about Cara in confessional interviews or interviews as episodes came out included Flora Alaksayeva and Adam Larson. However, Cara said she hadn’t realized what was being said about her by castmates and didn’t find out until a year later.

“Looking back and seeing what people were saying, I’m just like, ‘This is not the reality that I was in.’ I knew people were coming after me, but I thought it was because they didn’t want me there because they were intimidated by me in the game. It didn’t have to be nasty,” Cara said regarding Laurel’s gameplay.

After how things unfolded during the All Stars 4 episodes, others besides Cara, including Ryan Kehoe and Nicole, may have also cut ties with Laurel.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes are available on Paramount+.

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Gail Lessard
Gail Lessard
2 days ago

Well I don’t watch the challenge, but aren’t they all kind of shady people? They all seem pretty cut throat to me. I don’t think there’s any angels playing these games.