The Challenge rumors: Fans wonder if Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore broke up

cara maria sorbello and paulie calafiore face shots from mtv the challenge
Challenge fans noticed online activity hinting at a possible split for Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore. Pic credit: MTV

Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore are among several couples that formed due to their time on MTV’s The Challenge. However, some fans wonder if their multi-year relationship is still good.

After viewers saw Paulie return to the show for CBS’s The Challenge: USA 2 spin-off, Cara returned. The two-time Challenge champion returned to the show briefly as a mercenary for MTV’s Season 39, aka Battle For a New Champion.

She only appeared briefly in an elimination event against cast member Michele Fitzgerald. However, she returned for her first full season since MTV’s War of the Worlds 2, albeit a shorter spin-off, with The Challenge: All Stars 4.

That season recently wrapped up on Paramount+ with fans calling out the All Stars 4 final and claiming the winner had too many “advantages.”

Meanwhile, online speculation suggested that Cara and Paulie may have split up due to their social media activity.

However, a more recent video clip featuring Cara and a comment from Paulie brought further speculation about the couple.

Challenge superfans noticed Cara and Paulie’s social media activity

Earlier this week, a Challenge superfan on Instagram posted about the speculation that “Cara & Paulie May Have Called It Quits.”

The IG carousel post suggested that fans noticed that Cara “scrubbed” all pictures featuring Paulie from her Instagram.

In addition, fans saw that she was no longer following Paulie on Instagram and that she’d also unfollowed his family members, including his brother, Cody Calafiore.

Some text in the IG post’s screenshots below appears to be from an article that mentioned that Paulie is still following Cara on Instagram.

The couple began their interest in one another with their appearance for MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning season in 2018. Cara and Paulie appeared together in the subsequent seasons, War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2.

They’d continued dating since then and, based on online spoilers, return to compete in MTV’s upcoming Season 40. Something possibly occurred during that season that led to a falling out, but neither Paulie nor Cara have commented to confirm a breakup.

Cara to appear on the Zach Nichols Podcast

With All Stars 4 concluding its season on Wednesday, June 19, Cara will appear on the Zach Nichols Podcast to discuss the season and her life. She appeared in a Thursday TikTok video with Zach’s podcast co-host, Pierre.

In the clip, Cara placed some of her trademark feathers on one side of Pierre’s face so he could rock a similar look to hers.

“You’re like one of the Lost Boys. Don’t you feel cool now?” Cara asked as Pierre showed the feathers in his hair and walked off camera.

Pierre and Zach Nichols Podcast uploaded the same clip to their Instagram pages. Paulie commented on the IG post, “It’s going to be a good one 🙌🏼❤️.”

Several fans replied to his comment, as seen in the screenshot below.

“Gonna be a good one,” Paulie wrote with hands up and heart emojis.

Fans replied to The Challenge finalist, with one commenting, “you guys are so confusing.”

instagram screenshot of zachnicholspodcast comments from paulie and challenge fans
Paulie’s post leads to fan responses. Pic credit: @zachnicholspodcast/Instagram

The same commenter suggested, “think they might still be together.”

“I hope so!” another commenter wrote, adding, “They match each other’s weirdness.”

Cara’s appearance on the Zach Nichols Podcast on Friday could provide more details about her current relationship situation. However, it may be completely ignored as she discusses other things, including her All Stars 4 season!

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