The Challenge’s Ryan Kehoe reveals what wasn’t shown on All Stars 4 with Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello

ryan kehoe face shot from the challenge all stars 4
Ryan Kehoe shared additional details from All Stars 4 that viewers didn’t see in episodes. Pic credit: Paramount+

According to Ryan Kehoe, The Challenge: All Stars 4 featured some behind-the-scenes decisions as one particular castmate tried to get him to stop talking to Cara Maria Sorbello.

After returning to The Challenge for All Stars 2 on Paramount+, Ryan decided to return for Season 4, which brought new and old OGs.

It also featured Ryan reuniting with his former castmates, Cara Maria and Laurel Stucky, who all appeared in the Fresh Meat 2 season.

While Cara and Laurel had their history throughout various Challenge seasons, they seemed fine with one another on All Stars 4. That changed, though, and Cara has since indicated Laurel was doing what she could to turn castmates against her.

Ryan recently revealed that Laurel tried to “deter” him from talking to Cara Maria for the “entire season.”

In addition, he shared some key details that viewers didn’t see with Laurel’s elimination decision in Episode 9.

Ryan says Laurel didn’t want him talking to Cara on All Stars 4

During his appearance on the Zach Nichols Podcast, Ryan revealed that his castmate Laurel did her best to get him to stop having conversations with Cara Maria.

“She definitely tried to deter me from talking to Cara the entire season,” Ryan shared.

Ryan mentioned that Cara wasn’t entirely alone during the All Stars 4 season, as she had him, Steve Meinke, and Ace Amerson as allies and friends.

Zach mentioned that he’s friends with Cara, Laurel, and Nicole Zanatta, and he couldn’t understand “that mentality” where a castmate would tell someone who to talk to or be friends with.

“She never told me I can’t be her friend. She said, ‘I don’t understand why you’re wasting your time with her. She’s a f***ing loser. She needs to go home,'” Ryan shared.

“And I’m like, ‘This is like someone that’s your sister vibe.’ I’m like, ‘That’s kind of rough,'” he said.


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Ryan also shared an unaired part of why Laurel didn’t go against Cara in elimination

In All Stars 4, Episode 9, viewers saw Laurel talk castmate Kam Williams into being voted into the elimination event against Cara Maria. The plan they discussed was for the voting group to choose Kam to face Cara, but Laurel would take Kam’s spot so she could earn a Star and eliminate Cara.

Once the elimination arrived, Laurel saw host TJ Lavin explain the event, which involved moving 10 balls through a cage with a long mud pit beneath it.

It involved getting messy, and the first contestant to get all 10 balls out of their cage and into their basket won.

TJ gave Laurel the option to come down from the spectators’ area and earn her Star, but she told him she would pass. Kam confronted Laurel about their previous conversation and suggested that her sacrificing herself in elimination against Cara was for nothing now.

Ultimately, Cara won the elimination in a neck-and-neck battle, ousting Kam from the game. After the episode aired, Kam said she had no animosity toward Laurel for the game move. However, Ryan revealed that something else the episode didn’t include.

On his podcast, Zach mentioned that it “didn’t seem Laurel was checked in” as a competitor, possibly due to her relationship situation with Nicole. He said even though Laurel won the daily challenge, he was surprised she backed out of the elimination.

“I will say this. I might stand with her in a different place now over a year later,” Ryan said, adding, “But she was willing to go into that elimination. It was me and Nicole that were like, ‘Don’t do it.'”


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Ryan said they didn’t air that part of the moments before the elimination. He also said that at that time, he and Laurel were “super close,” but that’s not the case now.

Monsters and Critics previously reported on Laurel and Ryan’s remarks about each other. Ryan said he was “Team Cara” in a lengthy comment about the Laurel and Cara situation. A fan suggested to Laurel that Ryan was “trying to clout chase” by siding with Cara Maria to appeal to her fans.

Laurel explained that it didn’t surprise her that Ryan was “up to that” because he admitted he had “resentment” toward her when she stopped talking to him last year.

“Let me say this, one thing I don’t keep are fair weather friends,” Laurel commented about her All Stars 4 castmate.

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