The Challenge’s Kam Williams addresses Laurel Stucky’s All Stars 4 decision and Cara Maria Sorbello feud

kam williams face shot from the challenge all stars 4
Kam Williams revealed if she was upset with Laurel Stucky after what happened on All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

In The Challenge: All Stars 4, Laurel Stucky made what some fans might have considered a scared move, while others believed it was smart.

The recent episode of the spin-off show featured cast members continuing to strategize about getting rid of two-time Challenge champion Cara Maria Sorbello.

The daily challenge worked out to the advantage of Cara’s opponents, as she finished in the group of worst-performing players.

So did Kam Williams, and with Laurel in the winning group, it allowed her the power to take someone’s spot in the elimination.

She suggested to Kam that the middle group would vote Cara and Kam into the elimination, and then Laurel would take Kam’s spot to take out Cara.

However, when the elimination happened, Laurel told host TJ Lavin she’d watch from the stands, allowing two of the game’s toughest competitors to battle.

Kam addresses Laurel’s All Stars 4 decision

As viewers saw in the episode, Cara won a neck-and-neck elimination against her friend-turned-foe Kam. Cara hugged Kam, as did her man Leroy Garrett before a smiling Kam exited the show.

Ahead of the elimination, footage showed Laurel contemplating if she wanted to go into elimination herself. However, in confessional interview remarks, she said it made more sense to let two of her most formidable opponents go at it and for one to get eliminated before the final.

In the episode, Kam confronted Laurel about their previous deal, but it didn’t seem to become all that heated between the castmates. Following the episode’s airing, Kam talked about Laurel’s decision in an Entertainment Weekly interview and didn’t seem to have animosity.

“This is a game. And to be honest, if I was in Laurel’s shoes, I would’ve done that same thing, because that was the smartest thing to do,” Kam told EW.

“A huge part of my gameplay is strategy, so I have to give it to her. She needs to play her best game, and I think that that was the best move. I would’ve been the best competition for Cara, and that move was definitely the right thing for her to do.” Kam said.

Kam commented on her relationships with her All Stars 4 castmates, including Cara

Sometimes, competitors leave The Challenge feeling slighted, betrayed, or backstabbed by a castmate or group of castmates. Kam says she is perfectly fine with everyone who appeared on All Stars 4.

EW’s Sydney Bucksbaum asked how things were between her and Laurel following the elimination decision and filming for the season.

“We’re good. I’m good with everybody. I understand why she made whatever moves that she made, but I’m not mad at her. It was her decision,” Kam shared.

She explained that at the end of the day, Laurel and her teammate were the daily challenge winners, giving Laurel the power of that elimination decision, so she didn’t fault her for it.

As far as she and Cara are concerned, they seemed amicable after the elimination ended, but maybe not as agreeable as they once may have been. The two castmates, formerly allies on MTV’s War of the Worlds 2, were at odds during most of All Stars 4.

“I don’t have a problem with her at all, personally. After the show, I just went right back into mommy mode. Very shortly after, I got pregnant again, so I’ve just been so into my own life,” Kam shared, adding that Cara’s boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, is one of her “favorite Challenge people ever.”

When asked if she and Cara could become allies in a future installment of The Challenge, Kam said, “It could happen.”

She mentioned that drama helps make the show entertaining, and the feud between her and Cara was a “huge thing” for the All Stars 4 season.

“We all don’t just completely hate each other. There’s a mutual respect between the entire cast,” she said regarding The Challenge and her All Stars 4 castmates.

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