The Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello addresses ‘mob mentality’ of All Stars 4 castmates

cara maria sorbello face shot from the challenge all stars 4 episode 8
Cara Maria Sorbello revealed which castmates she got along with on All Stars 4 and why others treated her differently. Pic credit: Paramount+

While many fans have celebrated Cara Maria Sorbello’s return to The Challenge, she’s found herself at odds with multiple castmates in All Stars 4.

In a recent episode of the spinoff show, many cast members worked together to ensure that she couldn’t win the daily challenge and that Kam Williams could take her Star.

While Kam masterminded the plan, others involved were Leroy Garrett, Averey Tressler, Nicole Zanatta, Laurel Stucky, and Adam Larson.

Throughout the episodes, several of Cara’s castmates made remarks about Cara being “selfish” or “shady” in the game.

In addition, Cara became stuck in the middle of Laurel and Nicole’s emotional relationship as they began rekindling their romance following previous issues.

Following the recent episode on Paramount+, Cara shared her thoughts on how viewers should see things from her perspective.

Cara addresses her situation with All Stars 4 castmates

Taking to her Instagram Story recently, Cara shared a photo of herself from the Balls Off daily challenge in All Stars 4, Episode 8. Unfortunately, things didn’t go her way in that one, as many of her castmates were working together to prevent her from winning.

“Instead of focusing on the mob mentality mindlessly following orders and ganging up on me …. ask yourself who actually f***s with me,” Cara wrote.

She pointed out six castmates she got along with during her time on All Stars 4, starting with Rachel Robinson, who she described as a “strong bad a** confident OG road rules matriarch queen.”

She referred to Tina Barta as a “fun welcoming bright light super straight up” castmate and Ace Amerson as the “kind older brother.”

Cara also said that Steve Meinke was a “fellow loner weirdo” she got along with. Despite working as Nicole’s No. 1 ally in the game, Cara indicated Jay Starrett was “still a solid voice of reason in all the chaos.”

In addition, Cara said that Ryan Kehoe and Derek Chavez were “always nice” to her even though they were working with Laurel.

“QUALITY over quantity,” Cara said in her text.

Cara’s message didn’t stop there, as she also shared that “multiple sources” confirmed after All Stars 4 filming that Laurel told everyone “day 1 to stay away” from her, and “not to trust her,” and that she’s a “horrible person.”

Cara said this was despite Laurel coming to her for comfort and smiling in her face during their time on the show. She also indicated that Nicole reinforced what Laurel told castmates about her to ensure Cara felt “as isolated as possible.”

“The names I listed have thought for themselves. Respect. I understand weak people wanting to get rid of ‘strong competitors’, but you don’t have to be a d*** about it. That’s the point,” Cara said.

Cara’s castmate explained why he called her ‘shady’ on All Stars 4

During a recent podcast appearance, Cara’s castmate Adam talked about why he called Cara “shady” during the recent episode of All Stars 4.

He compared Cara and Kam’s gameplay, explaining that he should’ve referred to Kam as a “chess master” instead of a “puppet master” due to the strategic way she played the game.

Adam said he could walk up to Kam and Leroy in a public part of the house at any moment in the game and get a straight answer about what they were planning or what was happening.

He said Cara talked more behind closed doors and whispered to castmates about things. In addition, Adam said Cara convinced Steve that Adam had voted for him to go into an elimination when he hadn’t done so.

While Adam said he could appreciate how Cara had to play the game due to being outnumbered, he also said her way of talking about things in the game and playing the “victim” became “too much” for some of her castmates.

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