The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore slams Cara Maria Sorbello’s All Stars 5 castmate for podcast remarks

paulie calafiore face shot from the challenge usa 2 on cbs and paramount+
Paulie Calafiore came to Cara Maria Sorbello’s defense after an All Stars 4 castmate’s remarks. Pic credit: Paramount+

Paulie Calafiore is known for calling out castmates from The Challenge and defending his girlfriend, Cara Maria Sorbello, from those against her.

Paulie, a cast member on several MTV seasons, last appeared in CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2 as one of the former Big Brother stars competing on the show.

Cara returned as a mercenary in MTV’s Battle For a New Champion and then as a full-time cast member for Paramount+’s All Stars 4 spin-off.

With All Stars 4 currently airing, many viewers have noticed Cara is at odds with multiple castmates who seem to be working against her.

Some have made remarks about her during confessional interviews or in other footage. Just recently, her castmate Adam Larson appeared on a podcast.

Adam spoke about comments he made on an All Stars 4 episode in which he called Cara “shady.” Paulie has since fired back.

Paulie blasted Adam for ‘tiny d energy’ in podcast remarks

In the video clip, Adam responded to a question on the Challenge Mania podcast regarding why it seemed like most of the All Stars 4 cast was against Cara.

“It’s not the Cara Maria show, it’s The Challenge,” Adam explained in the clip.

“No matter whether you’re on Real World or Road Rules, you just don’t like that anymore. You don’t. You don’t talk about however confident you are,” he said on Challenge Mania.

After Adam appeared on the Challenge Mania podcast and explained why he said Cara was “shady,” Paulie retweeted the video clip and included comments blasting Adam.

“So I guess he doesn’t want his girl to have fans or be confident. A confident man supports confident women… this is tiny d energy to the max, Avery I’m so sorry baby,” Paulie tweeted.

While it wasn’t presented much during the All Stars 4 footage, spoilers and rumors during filming revealed that Adam had a showmance with castmate Averey Tressler.

Following a recent episode’s airing, Averey confirmed the relationship, sharing multiple photos from a trip she and Adam took after filming.

Cara also addressed her situation with All Stars 4 castmates

In a lengthier social media message, Cara posted on her Instagram Story about having good connections with multiple castmates, including Rachel Robinson, Steve Meinke, Ace Amerson, Jay Mitchell, and Tina Barta.

She indicated that her castmate and rival, Laurel Stucky, took it upon herself to inform other cast members they shouldn’t trust Cara. In addition, Cara said Nicole Zanatta reinforced what Laurel said to castmates.

Due to this, many of the All Stars 4 cast members followed along with a “mob mentality” and worked against Cara to help Laurel or Kam Williams.

In a spoiler alert, Episode 9 recently aired on Paramount+ and featured Laurel seemingly making a deal with Kam. In one scene she informed her that she’d get voted into the elimination with another member of the losing group, Cara.

Laurel, who gained power after winning the daily challenge, claimed she would switch spots with Kam to take out Cara. However, she changed her mind after she saw the elimination and let the two stars battle.

Laurel realized it would benefit her game, which irked Kam as she thought Laurel would take her spot.

Ultimately, Cara seized a close victory over Kam and took her Star, which host TJ Lavin said is required to run the final. The plan to get rid of Cara backfired, and the two-time champion was delighted to have retrieved the Star she had previously lost.

In addition, Cara showed she still loved her friend Kam, and they hugged after the elimination clash.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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