The Challenge: Double Agents star to make ‘big announcement’ about their future in Episode 17

cast members from the challenge double agents season
One of The Challenge: Double Agents stars may have a big announcement in Episode 17. Pic credit: MTV

Details for The Challenge Season 36, Episode 17 are available online and give a bit of a teaser of what’s to come in the next installment of MTV’s competition series.

Based on the latest plot synopsis for Double Agents, TJ Lavin’s final will be coming up, although there will be some unfinished business beforehand.

That includes one more daily mission for the competitors, and what appears to be the last elimination event before the final. In addition, one competitor has a major announcement to make.

The Challenge star to make announcement about their future?

It’s down to nine competitors heading into Double Agents Episode 17, as viewers said goodbye to Tula “Big T” Fazakerley in last week’s elimination. Big T was unable to defeat Amber Borzotra in Hall Brawl, which ended her time on Season 36.

With Amber’s victory, she chose Fessy Shafaat as her partner and based on the plot details he could be involved in something big for Episode 17.

The Double Agents episode will be called True Lies, a reference to the 1994 action/adventure spy movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The latest plot details (below) suggest an “introverted” player will make a big announcement about the future. By now, many fans know there’s a running joke that Fessy has described himself as an introvert at least a few times during the season.

While it seems that Fessy is the player hinted at in the synopsis, another player made a bigger announcement about his future ahead of the season. The Challenge veteran Leroy Garrett said that Season 36 would be his final appearance on the show. However, it seems that he may not have made it public with his castmates at first and showed up in various promotional clips or his confessional interviews.

As for Fessy possibly announcing something about his future, it raises speculation about him faking a retirement or just announcing he’s decided to make a career of The Challenge.

The last elimination is on the way, TJ’s final?

With just a handful of episodes left, that means fans can finally see TJ’s final. Whether the final is started or just announced at the end of Episode 17 is yet to be seen.

However, the plot synopsis above mentions there will be one last elimination before the final. With two consecutive ladies’ elimination days on the past few episodes, it seems a sure bet that two male competitors will be going in unless there’s a double-elimination.

In Episode 16 of Double Agents, Chris “CT” Tamburello officially became a Rogue Agent. That was due to losing his partner Big T at the elimination event. Amber Borzotra stole Fessy from Nany Gonzalez as her new partner, while Nany chose to reunite with Kyle Christie.

With CT seemingly safe from elimination, it leaves Fessy, Leroy, Kyle, and Cory as potential cast members to get voted in by the house and the Double Agents team. So it seems at least one of those guys will be super close to reaching the final, only to be sent home.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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