The Challenge: Devin Walker comments about Ashley Mitchell getting removed from Spies, Lies & Allies

devin walker in the challenge season 37 episode 14
Devin Walker appears in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge’s Ashley Mitchell getting removed from the Spies, Lies & Allies season, several castmates have talked about the situation since the episode aired with her mysterious deactivation.

The latest to speak on the situation is her castmate, Devin Walker after rumors suggested he was involved in getting Ashley kicked off The Challenge Season 37.

Devin recently took to his social media to comment about his and other castmates’ involvement in the Ashley situation that became a heated topic after the show aired.

This report includes spoilers for Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14, including the elimination winner and team situation as the episode concluded.

Ashley’s removal from The Challenge was due to breaking a rule

In The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14, viewers saw Ashley Mitchell for the first part of the episode, as she helped the Sapphire team win their first daily mission of the season.

She also appeared in other scenes, including the cast’s time out to socialize at the club. However, Ashley was absent when the rest of the cast assembled for the nomination meeting for elimination.

At the elimination event later, host TJ Lavin let the cast know that Ashley was deactivated and no longer able to continue in the game due to breaking a rule. TJ, MTV, or others never specified what that rule was during the episode.

During and after the episode, Ashley posted several comments reacting to the situation on her social media. That included one where she said that “rules are rules” and respected “@mtv and TJs call.”

“The best apology is changed behavior. See you next time @challenge,” her tweet during the episode said.

Ashley indicated she dealt with anxiety and depression after leaving the season and is currently taking anger management in another tweet.

Her castmate Nelson Thomas held an Instagram Live session following Episode 14 in which he didn’t give specifics. During Nelson’s Instagram Live chat, he mentioned Ashley and Josh Martinez got into a bad fight, and Ashley said some things she shouldn’t have. Nelson basically went on to say MTV and the show weren’t tolerating those things.

Devin comments about Ashley’s Spies, Lies & Allies removal

Online rumors have suggested that Ashley got kicked off after making comments to Josh during an argument to the effect of “everyone knows you’re gay.” Some online speculation also suggested that her castmates Devin and Josh were amongst those complaining to production about Ashley before her removal.

Within the past few days, Devin took to his Instagram Story to speak about the Ashley situation and her Challenge castmates’ involvement in it.

“Notice NOT A SINGLE PERSON including Amanda is coming to Ashley’s defense about why she was deactivated? Think maybe that’s for a reason? Think maybe a troll account with Ashley’s face as the profile pic isn’t a good source of accurate info? Josh/myself/Logan anyone else had nothing to do with the repercussions of her hurtful, ignorant, and misguided actions,” Devin said.

devin walker comments on ashley mitchell removal from the challenge
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

During Episode 14, there were no scenes shown involving Devin, Josh, and Ashley. However, both Devin and Josh were amongst the Emerald team members confronting Amanda at the nomination meeting. That was due to her making her intention known to win in elimination and steal a spot on the Emerald team.

Later at The Challenge headquarters, Amanda Garcia was upset with Devin and Josh, feeling they hadn’t acted like her friends during the meeting. She later went on to win her elimination and stole Tori Deal’s spot on the Emerald team. Nothing else was said about Ashley in those scenes, ahead of the elimination.

As of this report, the reason for Ashley’s removal from The Challenge is still online speculation, with no official confirmation given by MTV that this was the reason she was deactivated.

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