The Challenge: All Stars 2’s Casey Cooper reveals she’s expecting ‘Mini Allstar,’ castmates react

casey cooper in the challenge all stars 2 series
Fresh Meat star Casey Cooper appears in The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff series. Pic credit: Paramount+

Casey Cooper is the latest of The Challenge cast members from the past and present to reveal she’s expecting a new addition to the family.

The former Fresh Meat star, who has returned for Paramount Plus’ All Stars 2 spinoff, recently shared the big news that she and her fiancé are expecting a baby in 2022.

That brought reactions from several Challenge castmates who were excited to hear Casey’s big news about welcoming a child next year.

All Stars 2’s Casey Cooper reveals she’s expecting

On Monday, November 15, The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast member Casey Cooper shared an Instagram photo that strongly hinted at the arrival of a baby in the future.

The arrangement of items included an “Oh Baby!” long-sleeved onesie, small teddy bear, baby shoes, and blocks spelling the word “LOVE.”

“We can’t wait to meet you Mini All Star,” A sign in the middle of the photo reads with the date “March 2022” underneath.

“I’m not the best at keeping secrets, but this one has been worth the wait. For those of you who have known, thank you for being patient with us while we’ve figured out how to share our happy news with everyone,” Casey said in her IG post’s caption.

Casey is one of the OG competitors currently appearing in Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff season.

The 34-year-old debuted in the Fresh Meat season, where she teamed up with Wes Bergmann. The duo reached the final but failed to win it.

She appeared in three more seasons with The Duel, The Gauntlet III, and The Ruins but never reached the final again. However, she banked $10,000 in prize money during her time on the show.

While The Ruins in 2009 was her last appearance in MTV’s show, Casey’s return to All Stars made an exciting one for many of her longtime fans to see what she’s been up to and how she’d fare with the new competition. She’d initially been amongst alternate cast members for the spinoff’s first season.

Casey’s Challenge castmates react to news

With Casey recently announcing she is expecting, it brought comments from MTV’s The Challenge, and several Challenge castmates who have kids of their own.

“Can’t wait to welcome a new bundle of joy to The Challenge fam,” the show’s official Instagram account commented.

mtv the challenge comments casey cooper expecting baby
Pic credit: @case_coop/Instagram

“Love you Casey Cooper. Mazel!” commented her All Stars 2 castmate, Leah Gillingwater.

leah gillingwater reacts to casey cooper expecting
Pic credit: @case_coop/Instagram

Their All Stars 2 castmate and mom, Katie Cooley, also offered her congratulations on the news.

all stars 2 katie cooley reacts to casey cooper baby news
Pic credit: @case_coop/Instagram

“Congrats!!!!!!” wrote former Challenge winner Tori Hall along with heart emojis.

the challenge tori hall reacts to casey cooper expecting
Pic credit: @case_coop/Instagram

“Yay!!! CONGRATULATIONS ???,” commented former Real World and Challenge star Shauvon Torres.

shauvon torres reacts casey cooper baby news
Pic credit: @case_coop/Instagram

Casey getting married, joins Challenge alum who welcomed babies

During the premiere episode of All Stars 2, Casey said she was back for redemption, looking to prove herself after previous seasons where she became labeled a weak competitor.

She also mentioned she’d become recently engaged and had been working as an accountant since leaving The Challenge.

On her Instagram in November 2020, Casey showed off a photo revealing the big news of her engagement. She didn’t indicate when the wedding was scheduled for in the All Stars 2 premiere episode.

She’s gone on to share other images of her and her fiance, as they travel to various locations, including the September 2021 photo below which has the hashtag “#weddingseason2021.”

It seems like they’ll have some busy months ahead of them with the wedding and now a child on the way!

Casey will become the latest star from MTV’s The Challenge to welcome a new addition to the family too. In just this past year, Challenge cast members including Theresa Jones, Ashley Marie Kelsey, Kyle Christie, and Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols have welcomed babies.

The All Stars 2 competitor revealed that she’s expecting in March 2022, so that’s when the next future Challenge star may arrive!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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