The Challenge’s Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols reveal baby’s name as more photos arrive

jenna compono with zach nichols in youtube video
Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols are now proud parents of a baby boy. Pic credit: Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols/YouTube

Just days ago, Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols from MTV’s The Challenge welcomed their first child into the world.

Zach only revealed a glimpse of their baby boy’s arm wearing the hospital bracelet. However, not much else was known about the baby, including what Jenna and Zach decided to name their first child.

Now more details have arrived, including more images showing the couple’s son and what they’ve decided to name him.

Jenna and Zach show off new baby

As with other Challenge stars who recently had babies, Jenna and Zach shared exclusive photos of their newborn soon after birth.

The Challenge stars welcomed their first child this past Friday after Jenna went into labor naturally. She had originally believed she might need induced labor on Thursday.

Zach shared the first image of their newborn’s arm on his Instagram Story following the baby’s birth. Now, additional images have arrived via US Weekly.

“Well, Zach got to see him before me while he held my leg and watched him come out,” Jenna told US Weekly in an exclusive interview.

She went on to say that since the arrival of their baby boy, they’ve been “completely obsessed” with their newborn.

“But when he was put on my chest and we both got to see him, it was amazing. WE made this adorable little life. It’s truly the best feeling ever. We haven’t put him down once yet; we are completely obsessed,” the 28-year-old new mother added.

An Instagram post via @usweekly (below) shows off one of the exclusive photos of Jenna and Zach at the hospital. The new proud parents are all smiles as Zach holds up their baby in one arm with Jenna by his side.

Zach, 33, marveled at his wife Jenna’s ability to handle pregnancy, saying it was one of “the most impressive things” he’ll ever see.

“There is nothing that Jenna has done thus far in motherhood that hasn’t impressed me,” Nichols shared with Us Weekly.

“She made pregnancy look easy; she barely skipped a beat. Watching her go into labor, and then deliver our son was the most impressive thing I’ll ever witness, and the happiest moment of my life,” he added.

The couple, who got engaged in December 2019, first revealed that Jenna was pregnant this past February, with a sweet social media post on Valentine’s Day.

Soon after, the couple got married at a mini-ceremony this past March featuring close family. They also shared a gender reveal video that same month, letting everyone know they had a baby boy on the way.

Jenna and Zach reveal baby’s name

Based on details revealed to Us, Jenna and Zach chose to name their son Anthony. That is in honor of both Jenna and Zach’s fathers. However, Jenna shared that it was a struggle for them to come up with a name.

“Our interests in names were completely opposite. We wanted to go more traditional for our son so we chose Anthony, which is both of our fathers’ middle names,” Jenna told Us.

Now that their son has finally arrived, it’s on to the next stages of early parenthood for the Challenge stars. So far, Jenna said Zach has been great as a father.

“We are looking forward to bringing Anthony home and just having fun being parents. Zach is super hands-on and I can honestly say I haven’t changed one diaper yet,” she said.

Jenna also indicated that many more photos and videos would be on the way, apologizing in advance that their Instagram pages will be “flooded.” Most likely, their biggest fans won’t mind that one bit!

See more of the exclusive photos of Zach and Jenna’s baby via US Weekly’s report.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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