The Challenge stars Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols welcome their first child, ‘Baby Nichols’

the challenge jenna compono with husband zach nichols
Jenna and Zach from The Challenge have announced the arrival of their first child. Pic credit: Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols/YouTube

A future champion on The Challenge may have arrived, as Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols revealed that their baby boy had been born!

The couple shared updates leading up to the birth, including Jenna originally believing she might need induced labor. However, she went into labor naturally in the past few days.

As of Friday, Zach shared the first image of Baby Nichols with his friends, family, and fans on social media.

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Jenna and Zach announce baby’s arrival to fans

On Thursday, September 2, Jenna and Zach headed to the hospital based on their IG Story slides, as Jenna had started to go into labor naturally.

From there, it was a bit of a waiting game to see when Baby Nichols would arrive.

He officially showed up on Friday (Sept. 3) evening, as Zach shared the first image of he and Jenna’s new baby’s arm on his Instagram Story.

As of this report, no other details were given by Zach about the baby’s official birthdate or their boy’s name. However, those details are sure to arrive in the coming days from The Challenge stars.

The two anticipated Baby Nichols’ arrival late last month, but Jenna indicated in several IG posts and Story slides that she may have to go into induced labor this past Thursday.

That wasn’t the case, though, as Baby Nichols was ready to make his grand appearance naturally.

Over the past few months, several other Challenge stars had babies, including Zach’s Real World and Challenge castmate, Ashley Marie Kelsey, and another Challenge castmate, Theresa Jones.

Next up on the list of Challenge stars awaiting the birth of a baby is Spies, Lies & Allies star Kyle Christie, who is expecting his first child with girlfriend Vicky Turner soon.

Jenna and Zach had ‘mini’ wedding after pregnancy reveal

For many seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, viewers saw parts of Jenna and Zach’s relationship play out on screen. However, they made it through thick and thin, which included resolving difficult issues that popped up during The Challenge: Total Madness season.

After dating for several years, the castmates became husband and wife this past March in what was referred to as a mini-wedding ceremony with close family there due to the ongoing pandemic.

That ceremony arrived not long after they revealed Jenna’s pregnancy. The big news came on Valentine’s Day, making it an extra sweet announcement from Zach and Jenna.

In early March, they also revealed the sex of their baby, prompting various castmates to react to their IG posts. The couple has continued to update fans, friends, and castmates online about the pregnancy progress, with many Challenge alum and fans wishing them the best.

Even though their baby was just born, he’s already got some online fame in progress too. Along with their own Instagram page updates, the couple also has a separate IG page dedicated to Baby Nichols, which included frequent updates about the pregnancy.

As of this report, there are over 62,000 followers on that page, a number that should continue to grow as Baby Nichols does.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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